St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens' Vouchers/Receipts

28th March 1683 - 15th October 1729

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Image 137 of 83521st December 1724

21 Dec 1724

the Humble person of prissilla parp
presumes to give you an acount
I have bin Very ill A long time
which forced mee to borrow
Mony apron my Cloths to the
Valiew of tenn shillings to keep
mee from searving to Death and
my Eye [..] sight is soe bad that
of Cannot Lee to doe any fine work
and for Corse I cannot abt present
gett any to doe Soe that my
Condition it very deplorable of
being forced to pay one Shilling
A week one of my poor Pension
and soe have but one to Line upon
till some mony of one is one
your petioner humble prays you
to takes my Missarable Case into
your Charitable Consideration and
Grand mee tenn Shillings to gett
my Cloths to keep mee warm
and of hope I shall never trouble
you again in the Lisex manner
for Chings Sales denie mee not
this one Request and your

Petitioner of in duty bound
shall Ever pray

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