St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Image 416 of 61721st December 1750

At a Meeting on Saint Thomas's Day being the
21st. Day of December 1750 .


Mr. Henry Burt< no role >
Mr. Daniel Taylor< no role > } Church Wardens

The Revd. Mr. Dixon, Curate , Mr. James Hebert< no role > , Mr James Fell< no role > ,
Mr Samuel Littlebury< no role > , Mr. Thomas Hunter< no role > , Mr. Samuel Gilly< no role >
Mr. George Maynard< no role > , Mr Richard West< no role > (Hosier ) Mr. John
Clarke & Mr. John Mynde< no role > .

Alderman Abdy's Gift

This Meeting was Summoned by Mr. Henry Burt< no role > Upper
Church Warden for Disposing of and Distributing Seven Pounds
ten Shillings the Gift of Alderman Abdy deced at which
time Mr. Henry Frimling< no role > and Mrs. Margaret Carleton< no role > Widdow

5.Thereof to Margaret
Carleton Widdow

Severally Petitioned for the Sum of the Five Pounds part of thereof
given by the will of the Donor to a Poor Housekeeper and their
Petitions were Read and After Debate It was Agreed (Nem:Con)
That Mrs. Carleton should have the Five Pounds and the
same was paid to her accordingly The Remainder of the
said Charity being Fifty Shillings together with the further
Sum of Fifty Shillings Sacrament Money was Distributed
as follows. Vizt.

By the Will of the

To the Doctor0:6:8Sacrament Money
To the Clark0:3:4

Judith Rayner< no role > 0:2:60:1..0
Carried over 0:17:00:6:6

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