St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Mr Richd West< no role > Hosier
M Jno Saurett< no role >
Mr Richd Cracraft< no role >
Mr Geo: Budd< no role >
Mr Charles Balt< no role >
Mr Heneage Robinson< no role >
Mr John Clifton< no role > This name instance is in set 3415.

Mr Tho Newton< no role >
Mr Jno Cheslyn< no role >
Mr Jno Goldsmith< no role >
Mr Richd Moore< no role >
Mr Wm Shippey< no role >
Mr Geo Dighton< no role >

Mr Wm Usher< no role >
Mr Peter Pope< no role >
Mr Thos Tatton< no role >
Mr Wm Reeves< no role >
Mr Frans Leech< no role >
Mr Edd Foxe others

This Vestry was held pursuant to publick notice given in the
Church for that purpose, For the Election of an Organist in the Room
of Mr Phillip Hart< no role > deceased.

An Order of Vestry of 27th.
September Last read.

Ordered that an Order of Vestry made on Wednesday the
27th. September last be now read, and the same was Read accordingly

Ordered that the Sevl. Cases
with the opinions of Mr. Attoy.
General, Sir John Strange< no role > &
Mr Recorder of London
touching the Regular Method
of such Election be read &
the Same were read accordingly

Ordered that the several cases with the Opinions of
Mr Attorney General, Sir John Strange< no role > & Mr Recorder of the City of
London touching the regular Method of Proceeding in such Election
(and which were severally delivered in at the Table) be now Read
and the same were Read accordingly.

Resolved that all ye. Inhabitts:
who pay to Church & Poor have
a Right to Vote.

Resolved Nem Con That all the Inhabitants of this Parish
who pay to the Church and Poor, have a Right to Vote at this Election.

Sir Jos: Hankey moved that
the Question be them put wher. ye. Election
shod. be by Ballot or Poll & being
Seconded, Mr C:Warden Branch
putt the Queen accordingly &
upon holding up of Hands declared
the Majority were for a Poll.

Then Sir Joseph Hankey< no role > moved that the Question be
now put whether the Election of an Organist, should be by a Ballot
or Poll, and being Seconded, Mr Peter Branch< no role > the upper Church W
put the Question accordingly, and upon holding up of hands he
declared the Majority were for a Poll.

Motion made that the C.W.
shod. proceed imediately to
take the Poll but Debates
arising many who were for
a Ballott withdrew from the
Vestry Room.

It was then moved that the sd Church Warden shou'd
proceed immediately to take the Poll which motion was seconded by
Mr James Hebert< no role > & others but great Debates arising many of the
Inhabitants who were for a Ballot withdrew from the Vestry Room

Resolved by the C.W. & those
Inhabitants who remained
in the Vestry Room to open a
Poll Directly & Close at 3 in

Resolved by the Church Warden and those Inhabitants
who remained in the Vestry Room to open a Poll Book directly

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