St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Image 399 of 61726th October 1749

the afternoon & that Notice thereof
shod. be given throughout the Pish
& C.W. proceeded to take the Poll

During the Poll Mr. Saml. Gilly< no role >
Delivered in at the Table Protest
(on behalf of himself & the Sevl.
Inhabitants who before withdrew)
agt. the Election being Carried on
in any other Manner than by
Ballott, which protest was not
Signed by any of the Inhabitants

and that the Poll shoud be finally closed this Afternoon at three
o Clock, and that Notice thereof shoud be given throughout the
Parish and the Church Warden proceeded to take the Poll accordingly,
But during the time of the Poll Mr Samuel Gilly delivered in at
the Table a paper Writing on behalf of himself and the several
Inhabitants who before withdrew, purporting a Protest against the
Election being carryed on in any other manner, than by Ballot,
which Paper Writing or Protest was not signed by any of the

The Poll.

At three of the Clock this Afternoon, Mr Church Warden
Branch closed the Poll and upon Casting up the same the
Number of Votes for the several Candidates were as follows Vizt

Mr Charles Burney< no role > 50
Mr Edmund Gilding4
Mr Edmund Larkin< no role > 1
Mr Edward Griffis0
Mr Barton Hudson< no role > 0
Mr Lupton Relfe0
Mr John Salmon< no role > 0

Mr. Charles Burney< no role > .
chose Organist at 30 P Ann

Whereupon Mr Church Warden Branch declared
the Number for each Candidate, and that Mr Charles Burney< no role >
had the Majority of forty Six Declared him duly elected Organist
of this Parish for one year, to commence from Michaelmas last at
the Salary or allowance of 30 P Ann, he paying Mr John Salmon< no role >
during the time he Officiated, which was Agreed to Nem Con by
the Gentlemen then present and then the Vestry broke up.

Exd P Nath Andrews< no role >

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