St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Workhouse Inquest (Visitation) Minute Books

3rd June 1762 - 13th April 1779

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Image 28 of 976th March 1764

Londn: March 6th: 1764

Mr Wm: Kippax< no role > }
Church Warden

Mr Richd: James< no role > }

Mr Jams: Green< no role > }

The Poor were all Call'd in & severally Examin'd
& no Complaints when

Priscilla Pritchard< no role > desir'd to be discharg'd which
was order'd accordingly on Saturday March 10th
& Thos: Norgrave< no role > was admitt'd this Day into the House

London 3 April 1764

Mr. Frencis Leech< no role > }
Church Warden

Mr. Richd. James< no role > }

The Poor were all Call'd in & Severally Examined
& no Material Complaints

Thos. Norgrove< no role > Desir'd to Goe out but we thought
it Better to Continal him one Week Longer

Order for Mr. Ellitt 1 Apron Mrs. Remney a pr. Clogs

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