St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Casual Poor Brought over£11:17:10

1738. August. 11. Spent in going to my Lord Mayors about Bayley0:2:0
14 Gave to Mrs. Truelove0:5:0
15 Spent with the Overseers of St. Luke about Susan Bayley0:6:6
18 Gave to Mrs. Taylor0:1:0
Gave Mrs. Truelove0:5:0
19. Gave Harrison 2 Shifts, 2 Caps, 1 Handkerchief0:8:0
Gave Rust 1 Cap, 1 Shift, 1 Handkerchief & 1 Apron0:5:6
Gave Mrs. Yearley a pair of Shoes & Stockings0:3:6
Paid burying Mary Patchele1:0:0
22 Gave Mrs. Truelove0:5:0
24 Spent with the Collectors & Overseers0:17:5
25 Gave Mr. Taylor when Sick0:3:0
26 Gave Mrs. Truelove0:5:0
paid for a Weeks Nursings of Do.0:3:0
28 Gave Mr. Johnson to pay a Quars Rent1:2:6
paid midwife Attending Mrs. Truelove0:5:0
31 Paid Nursing Do. a Week0:3:0
Septr. 6 Gave Mrs. Taylor to putt her in a way0:10:0
Augt. 29 Spent with Mr. Bignale & Overseers0:3:4
31. Gave to Mrs. Truelove0:5:0
Septr. 11 Gave Davison a pair of Shoes stockings Do. 2 Apron's 1 Handk:0:7:6
Gave Taylor to fetch things out of Dawn0:6:4
14 Gave a Poor Woman0:1:0
Expences Attending at Hick's Hale & going to St. Luke with Susan Bayley< no role > 0:16:6
16. Gave David Morris< no role > 0:2:0
20. Gave Mrs. Taylor0:2:0
Gave David Morris< no role > 0:1:0
paid getting Do. into the Hospital0:5:0
23. paid Mrs. Wilson for 5 weeks borred for Susan Bayley Etc1:1:6
26 Spent with the Overseers0:7:2
28 paid removing Mrs. Bunting0:6:6
30. Gave a Poor Woman0:1:0
Carried over£22:14:1

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