St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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St. Dionis Back-Church . Dr.

To Cash paid Mr. Woods£42:8:4
To Do. paid John Watton< no role > 39:18:1
To Do. Paid Yearly Gifts20:0:10
To Do. Paid organist38:0:0
To Do. Paid Ringers6:0:0
To Do. paid Yearly Bills102:13:4
To Do. Paid Weekly Pentioners168:8:0
To Do. paid Casual Poor51:17:3½
To Do. paid Several Expences26:1:5
To Sacrament. Money Distributed9:11:6

Per Contra. Cr
July 5. Reced of Mr. Barber£35:19:7½
Reced of the Collectors276:12:7
Reced Parish Fines43:0:0
Reced Parish Rents84:6:0
Reced Yearly Gifts7:2:10
Reced P Sundry's2:11:4¾
Reced P Burials14:2:8
Reced Sacrament Money9:11:6
To Ballance£31:12:2¼

July. 25th. 1740:

The foregoing Account of Receipts & Disbursements of Mr. John Watton< no role > was
audited Examined & Allowed by us whose Names are hereunder written, And there
Remains due from the Parish of St. Dionis Back Church to the said John Watton< no role >
late Church Warden the Sum. of Thirty one Pounds Twelve Shilling's & two pence ¼
which we Desire may be paid to him by Mr. George Scullard< no role > the Present Church-
Warden out of the first Money's that he shall receive from the Collectors of the
Poors Rate.

Exd P Nath Andrews< no role >

Richd Tirrbel< no role >
James Hebert< no role >
John Clarke< no role >
Samll. Littlebury< no role >
Jos Burney< no role >
Charles Ball< no role >
Wm Barber< no role >
Jaspr. Mauduit< no role >

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