St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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The Accompt of
William Helloway< no role > Accomptant Church
Warden of the Parish of St. Dionis Back-
-church London for and concerning the
Receipts and payments by Reason of
the said Office by the said William
Holloway from and after Easter 1729
being the Time he was chosen thereunto
untill the Feast of Easter 173 [..] .

9. July. 29th. Received of Messrs West and [..] vy botterford for the poor £108:0:6
August 23 Reced of Do22:-:-
Novr: 20 Reced of Do50:-:-
Febry. 26 Reced of Do50:-:-
April. 6 Receds of Do40:-:-
30 Receds of Do13:5:10
Fines for Offices
29 Decemb. 17. Receds of Mr. William Barber< no role > 12:-:-
30. April 7 Reced of Mr. Joseph Barney< no role > 10:-:-
Parish Rents
9 Octobr: 3. Reced of Mr. Saunders ½Years Rent one at Michaelmas last. 2:10:-
Taxes allowed-:7:6
10. Reced of Mrs. Anne Harris< no role > ½years Ground Rent for the
House late Sir Robert Jeffery< no role > 3 due at Michaelmas last
Taxes allowed2:14:-
March. 31. Reced of Mrs. Anne Harris< no role > ½ years Ground Rent due at
Lady Day last} 18:-:-
Taxes allowed2:14:-
9 Octobr: 27. Reced of Mr. Pidgeon ½ years Rent due at Lady day last for
the Estate at Collier Row4:-:2
Parish Rents carried over £36:13:6

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