St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Several Expences Brot [..] 19..14..5
April. 26. Cash gave Mr. Phillips Man-..10..6
Expences with the Collectors making up their Accounts-..6..2
30. Cash expended on receiving Mr. Wattons Fine-..6..6
Cash paid the domex Lights on [..] in Mr. Roberts Year-..12..-
Cash paid Wm. Loven for mending the Little Bell as P Bill May 12. 1730-..7..6
Cash paid Mr. Hawy's and Mr. Holloway to much paid by them
for a Lease for the House Sesigned for a Workhouse 2..2..-
Mr John Wattons Bills.
1730 April. 28. Cash paid him as P Bill attested2..10..-
May. 8. Cash paid him as P Do18..15..-
July. 14. Cash paid him as P Do1..1..-
Augt. 28. Cash paid him as P Do2..11..6
Decem: 16. Cash paid him as P Do4..8..6
31. April 22. Cash paid him as P Do4..8..-
30. Cash paid him as P Do2..12..6
Mr. Bart Organist
1730. Octo. 28. Cash paid him half a Years Salary due at Michas as Rect. book 15..-..-
1731. April 12. Cash paid him half a Years Salary due at Lady Day. as Rect. book.15..-..-
Mr. Sangley Bradley< no role > .
1730. Octo. 16. Cash paid him half a Years Salary due at Michaelmas
for attending the Clock and Chimes as P Receipt Book
1731. April-31. paid him for Do. due at Lady Day & for a Chime Rope.155..15..-
Yearly Bills paid
1730. Octo. 28. Cash paid Mr. Hussey for Knotts as p Receipt Book2..4..6
Nov: 10. Cash paid Wm. Geary< no role > for the Pavement in Limestreet as P Do.3..15..6
16. Cash paid Charles Easton< no role > for Masons Work as P Rect. Book7..16..-
paid Richard Sparks< no role > for posts and work as P Rect. Book4..10..-
Feb: 10. Cash paid John Sard< no role > for Bell Roped as P Rect. Book3..1..-
1731. March. 30. Cash paid Mr. Quarterman as P Recr. Book5..-..-
April. 5. Cash paid for a Years Water as P Rect1..-..-
Yearly Bills carried over27..7..-

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