St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1721 - 1728

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paid to Mr: Henry Hale< no role > for takeing John Howland< no role > This name instance is in set 862. his Appren.
& allowing him 2: for Cloaths Makes as & Rect;
paid Mr: Henry Enstall< no role > as & BIll Attested2-14-0
Paid at the London Workhouse as & Receipt35--
Paid Mr: Bill for the Clock for a year to Christmas-10-
on affairs of the Parish0-3-6
More on Affairs of the parish0-4-6
Given Frances Dyonis< no role > & John Howland< no role > -2-
paid Thomas Norwoods< no role > Rent for One Year due at X mas:17211-10-
paid for a Coffin & Shorwd for Stair brothers Child-2 -
pd for Davisons Cloaths in the Hospitall-4-
Laid out on Gearys Accot:-3 8
Summons on Accot: of Fair brother & Expences-3-8
A Shirt for Peter Tuder-2-6
Expended with the Church ws: of St: Mary Hill on Gearys Accot-5-
paid Mrs. Fox for Stays for a poor Woman of the Parish-4-
pd for two Extraordinary Common prayer Books for Sundays1-19-6
Gave to Mrs: For to gettlid of a Woman in Labour in the Parish-2-6
Chres in Accot: of Spelter & the Collectors & other Expences-9-6
paid Mrs: Heberts Bill for Velvett for the pulpitt Cushion & Bill & Rect:6-1-
pd Mr. Coxed Bill for makeing the Cusion10-10-
paid the Lady Mathews for Rent for Repc: Hedges at 7s:6d & Qr1-2-6
paid Mr: Tirrells Bill for a Years Candles for the Church4-7-
paid Mr: Later mains Bill as P BIll & Receipt6-15-11
Given to Frances Dyonis to buy her a Knott-1-6
paid the Joyners Bill for the Pulpitt-10-
Given to Curd to Nouble me no more-2-6
paid Mr: Henry Enstace< no role > for a Years Sanamt: Wine & 1 Yrs: Mountain
Wine in the Vestry as in the Receipt Book} 8-3-
pd Mr: Hen. Enstace as P Bill Attested2-7-6
paid Mr: Davies Clerk of the Vestry in full for his Sallary to Lady day
1722 & for Business done as P Bill & Rect: on Fill}15-18-10
pd Mr. Fox for her Sundry Disbursemts. on Sevll: poor people & sevll:
affairs no & her 11 Billd delivered me} 21-8-
paid Mr: Barneys Bill for 1 Years Bread as & Bil & Rect:3-14-0

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