St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1721 - 1728

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Elizabeth Gerrad< no role > 6 Weeks at 51 10-
and Money gave her at timed0 5 6
James Dyonis< no role > 26 Weeks to Nurse Cook at 2:43-8
Clothes & phifick in hid Sickness-13-6
5 days board to Nurse Cook for Elizab: Davison< no role > -3-
At 4 times for Judith Radford< no role > Sickness-14 7
Shilis thread & Tape for Howland-11-
4 Weeks to Nurse Cook for the Woman that Lay in2--
To the Mid wife-5-
To the Woman at her going Way-5-
For Davisons Charged at the Hospital-10-6
Cloths for Davison in the Hospitall-4-
Stays for One of ye: penconers-4-
For Davison & Gerrard 2 petitions togett them into the Hospitall-2-
Pd Mrs Brown for a years board for James Speller< no role > to Lady day
1722. adwill Appear by the Rect: Book
12 7 6
pd Collier for a years Board for Howland as in the Rect: Book10 17 6
Paid CollierCharged in going to See the Children at Ham2--
Paid Nurse Newel for 3 Parish Children as by her 4 Bill18-13-3
Laid out at Receiveing the Lady Asborns Gift-2 2
Spent in Receiveing Mr: Hutchesons Money-2-
Eliz: Brett< no role > 31 Weeks at 2:6
and21 Weeks at 3}7-6

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