Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minute Books of the General Prison Committee

1st August 1792 - 22nd April 1802

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Image 5 of 5348th August 1792

Several of the Prisoners are under confinement for a
Week to be passed to their different Parishes

There appears a Defect in the Police of the Country with
Respect to this Discription of Prisoners

We find on Enquiry it is the Practice to send them a few Miles
from Town, where they easily find means of being again at Liberty
having no means of subsistence, no Character on a sufficient
Stock of Health to procure them any kind of Labour, they must
either take to begging or stealing, and are frequently in a short
Time brought to the same place from whence they were

The Cause of this Observation arises from a Man from
Ireland who is ordered to be passed to that County.

On Enquiry the Sub Committee find some of the Women
understand knitting

Ordered a small Quantity of Worsted to be bought and
given them by way of Trial for making Stockings under the
Direction of Mr. Hardwick and that they be allowed 2 pence
in the Shilling of what they earn.

Mr. Hardwicke is likeways Desired to send some of
the Men to Knitting-by way of trial

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