St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

14th July 1767 - 13th December 1800

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Image 110 of 2389th May 1787

He also Reported that the following two Children [..]
by mistake omitted to be returned by him to the last
Meeting (vizt.)

John Anderson< no role > aged three years Eleven Months
and three Weeks who was admitted into the
Workhouse on the 28th. day of March last, [..]

Atwood a Male Child who was born in
the Workhouse on the 18th. day of April last

And that the said John Anderson &Atwood
as also Mary Elizabeth Colay< no role > , William Hicks< no role > Sam [..]
< no role > Cecilia Atwood< no role > and Ann Samuel< no role > which
last mentioned aforementioned five Children are
mentioned in the Minutes of the last Meeting still
remain in the Workhouse

He also Reported that Mary Allen< no role > of Plai [..]
in Essex late one of the Nurses died on Friday last
and that Sophia Corr< no role > Richard Phelps< no role > & Susan P [..]
and Mary Reeves< no role > poor Children of this Parish
sentby the Guardians to the aforenamed Mary
Allen to be Nursed are now under the case of then
Mary Allen< no role > 's Daughter.

Ordd. And that the aforenamed Mary Elizabeth Col [..]
William Hicks< no role > , Samuel Wheeler< no role > and Ann Sam [..]
do remain in the Workhouse until the next Meeting
And that Cecilia Atwood< no role > &Atwood bedin [..]
with their Mother who Promised to take them only [..]
the House on next Tuesday seven night

And that the aforenamed Sophia Corr< no role > Susan Ph [..]
and Mary Reeves< no role > who were with the late Nurse a [..]
and also John Anderson< no role > be removed to Elizabeth D [..]
at Plaistow aforesaid who is now appointed by the
Guardians present to be one of the Nurses in the stead of [..]
said Mary Allen< no role >

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