St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

14th July 1767 - 13th December 1800

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Image 82 of 23821st January 1784

And That Joseph William Roberts< no role > aged one Year and two [..]
Months was admitted into the Workhouse the 15th. day [..]
said November.

Ordered that Sophia and Isaac Rutter< no role > John Harrel< no role >
Rosella Clark< no role > and Joseph William Roberts remain in
the Workhouse till next Meeting as also John Dug [..]
his Mother still refusing to part with him

That Susannah Phelps< no role > be sent to Nurse Allen's at [..]

That Mary Roah< no role > be sent from the Workhouse with [..]

And That Elizabeth Hutchinson< no role > being above the Age [..]
of Six Years remain in the Workhouse and be not [..]
reported to any future Meeting of the Guardians.

At a Meeting of the Guardians h [..]
in the Workhouse on Wednesday [..]
21st. day of January 1784 .


Mr. John Taylor< no role >
Mr William Baker< no role > } Churchwarden

Mr Edward Gibbs< no role >
Mr William Coles< no role >

The Master of the Workhouse Reported that [..]
Sophia & Isaac Rutter< no role > , John Harrell< no role > Josep [..]
William Roberts
< no role > & John Dugard< no role > mentioned int [..]
Minutes of the last Meeting still remain in [..]
Workhouse , as also Mary Nash< no role > mentioned [..]
the Said Minutes her Mother not having yet [..]
the Work house.

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