St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

14th July 1767 - 13th December 1800

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Image 61 of 23812th July 1780

At a Meeting of the Guardians held at
the Workhouse on Wednesday the 24th day
of May 1780

Present Mr. Edward Gibbs< no role > Guardian

The Master of the Workhouse reported that William
< no role > and Mary Ann Popler< no role > mentioned in the Minutes
of the last Meeting remain in the House and that Richard
< no role > was born on Monday the 22nd. day of May Instant a
Bastard in the House And that Frederick William Frith< no role >
brought from Nurse Pluckroses by the order of the Guardians
Novr. 9th last to be under the Doctor's Care in the House is
now recovered and in good Health and that James French< no role >
Thomas French< no role > and Catherine French< no role > were sent to Nurse
Moore's at Camberwell the 3rd. Instant And Sarah Williamson< no role >
and Ann Knight< no role > were on the same day sent to Nurse Allen
at Plaistow

Ordered that Richard Annis remain in the House with
his Mother and that Frederick William Frith be sent to
Nurse Allen at Plaistow

At a Meeting of the guardians of the Infant
Parish Poor on Wednesday the 12th day of
July 1780

Present {Mr. Deputy Harding
Mr. Gibbs
Mr. Morgan
Mr. Benjamin Bunn< no role > } Churchwardens

The Master reported that Fredrick William Frith< no role > was sent
to Nurse Allen at Plaistow on the 31st. May last pursuant to
the order of last Meeting

And also that Richard Annis< no role > mentioned in the Minutes
of the last Meeting died in the House the 13th June last

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