St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Miscellaneous Parish Account Books

1st May 1770 - 12th February 1802

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March 5th.

Paid Curtis the Saxton of the Freedom part as P Bile and
Quarters Salary


Paid for Work done at the Almshouses, Plaisterers Bile- 4:2

Carpenters Bile1:11:5
Brick layer's Bile (pool)

Paid Churchwarden of Bishopsgate 2 Years Ground Rent for the
Alm's Houses at Islington


Coffee House Expences attending the Visitation at St. Pauls
by the Bishop of London

Paid Mrs. Hodgson at the Peacock for Visitation Dinner2:10:3

July 3d.

Paid Mr. Blackett for a Water Caske- 7:6
Paid Collison she Glazier as P Bile2:2:4
Paid Drewitt the Mason as P Bile- 15:6

Paid Mr. Colebatch Bricklayer as P Bile for Islington
Almshouses & Church

Paid Mr. Dawson Smith as P Bile3:8:7

Paid Mr. Astie Carpenter as P Bile for Work done at the
Church the Alms houses & the lower burying Ground

Paid For Wine for the Church1:14:1
Paid Mr. Fisher as P Bile4:12:1
Paid Mr. Steele as P Bile for Stationary- 17:3
Paid Mr. Watts for a large Pewter Standish- 15: [..]
Paid For removing the Church Plate- 10: [..]
Paid Mrs. Hensman one of the Pew Openers of the Lordship part - 5:3

Paid for digging 2 ten feet Graves as appears by Burial
Bile for January}- 10

Paid by digging 2 Ten feet Graves as appears by Burial
Bile for July

To the Accountant's trouble for collecting the Rent Role 2:10

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