Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th July 1792 - 31st January 1800

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Currently Held: Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives

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Farrer John Esqr. his DonationLagacyreported1
Nominated a Govr.1
Approved of as a Govr5
receives his Charge10

Fennell Mr. John his Benefaction of
20 Gs. reported

Frere John nominated a Govr.24
Receives his Charge45
Finch Dr. his Benefaction of 2 Gs.28
Fennell John his Benefaction reported 56
nominated for Governor56
Approved of & his charge read61
His 3d. Benefaction64
Fowle Thomas to be inquired for Fowkes Gift72
To be paid102
Fletcher Thos. to assign Lease103
Fennell John his Benefaction reported106
Emmitt Mr. to remit arrears of a Tenant107
Fountaine Revd. Mr. his Benefaction113

Fowle Thomas to be reported for Mr
Lock's Gift 141

Fees None to be taken in future by the
Clerk when Govrs. rece their Charge.

Fuel Saving of recommended to Commees 151
Fowle, Thos. to be Pd. 10 of Mr. Lock's Gift do.
Foster, Heny. to be Repd. for Mr. Fowke's do. 244
to be paid Do.250
To be pd. 10 out of Mr. Lock's Gift 329

Frisbee, William Working Silver
Smith, Elected an Artsmar

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