Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th July 1792 - 31st January 1800

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Box William appointed a Governor1
Receives his Charge6
Bedwell John appointed a Govr.1
Receives his Charge6

Bethlem Committee to consider the Report of
the Select Committee as to repairing the
Hospital or erecting a New one

Bonds of Security to be locked up in the Iron

Baynard John his Legacy accepted6
Bacon John his Letter respecting Statues7

Bourne Mr. to receive the Rents in Lincolnshire
up to Lady Day & make up his Accots.

Bridewell Precinct Memorial from the Inhabts.
respecting the Defects in the Arch over
Fleet Ditch considered by Commee

Bethlem Hospl. to be repaired & not rebuilt11
Bonds of Security deposited in Iron Chest12

Benjamin Mathew to have a Lease of a House
in Lime Street

Bevan George to be made free14

Burial Ground Prest. and Treasr. to apply for a
further Lease

Beadle Senior and his Wife, recommended by Prison Committee to perform the
Duties of Porter and Matron

appointed by the Court17
Boddam Rawson Hart nominated a Govr.18
not Elected20
His Benefaction reported24 [mark]
Appointed a Govr.24
Receives his Charge29 [mark]
Bethlam Hospital Vacancy of Matron declard 18
Bevan Charles to be made free18
Bather Richd. to be made free190 21
Bevan Henry Morgan Do.23
Broughton Bryan Esqr. nominatd. a Govr. 24
approved and Elected26
receives his Charge38

Bethlem Hospital the Comee empowd. to
lay out 1070

Burr Richard to have an Allowance of
Rough Timber

Boddington Thos. appointed a Govr29
Bethlem Commee list of34
Bridewell Do.Do.34

Bethlem Hospital President Treasr. and
Andr. to accept the Leave of a
Piece of Ground at Moorgate

to apply to the City for the further
Lease of a House in Water Lane
Tower Street

Grand Committee to consider whether
it would be more convenient for the
Sub Committee to meet on Saturdays
at 11 instead of 10

Contracts for Repairs to be postponed
till a Surveyor is elected

Contracts for Coals46
for Repairs46


Bethlem Hospital Mr. Lewis to appoint
a Clerk of the Works to inspect repair

To Prepare a Plan for the Improvemt.
of the Previes

To take an Inventory of the Matron's

Bather Richd inquired after for Fowkes Gift 57 & 66
Bevan Chs. Do. ordered to be paid 6651 & 60
Bethlem Hospital to be repaired64

Bevan Hy Morgan to be reported for
Fowkes Gift
68 & 72

To be paid Do82
Bethlem Committee to layout 1483 in repair 70
Names of Committee80
Bridewell Committee names of81
Bethlem Vacancy of Porter declared81
Bolton Mr. his application rejected84
Burying Ground expiration thereof85
Bethlem Contract for repairs87
Bleamire Wm. appointed a Governor96

approved on
ElectedRecd. Charge 148

Bevan Chs. to be Reported for Lock, Gift99
Paid Do124
Briggs to be made free103
Bowen Revd. To appointed Chaplain106
Books to be provided for Chapel107
Bather Richd. reported for Locks Gift108
Paid Do110
Bernard Thos. nominated a Governor109
Approved on111
Bridewell Repairs and alterations111
Bean Ann reinstated112
Bethlem Committee names122
Bridewell Do123
Briggs Wm. Reported for Fowkes Gift126
Inquired after133
Paid Do.136
Bevan Hy Morgan Inquired for Lock Gift 127
Paid Do136
Bread Prisoners allowed 1 worth127
Bridewell falling down of Buildings129
Bethlem to be white washed130
Bread an inferior Sort for Patients131
Bethlem Committee chose their months131
Vacancy of Apothecary132
Buck Christopher Candidate for Apothecary 136
Bethlem Haslam Jno. Elected Apothecary 136
Beadels. a distribution among them 138
Briggs, Wm. Repd. for Mr. Lock's Gift172

Beadles & Porter's Man. A Motion
Carried for their Salaries to be

Bethlem Steward of Gratuity todo.
Beadle. 1st. Vacancy of by decr. of Rundle 181
Briggs. Wm to be Pd. 10 of Mr. Lock's Giftdo
Bolton. Thos. Esqrs. Appted a Govr214
Bedford. Duke if Nomd. a
Bolton. Thos. Esqr. Recd. Charge do.
Brown. Thos. his donation Reported & Nomd. a Govr.221
Brickwood Jno. do. (& Nomd. a Govr.) do.
Elected a Govr.224
Brown Thos. Esqr.
Bernard, Thos. Esqr. Recd. Charge238
Bethlem Hospital. Vacancy of Matron 253
Brickwood Jno. Esqre . Recd. Charge258.

Bradbury Elizt. Elected Matron of
Bethlem Hospital

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