Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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HarveyWm. Esq reced his Charge4

Harrison Thos Esqr. Chamberlein of Land a Elected
Governor by the Court

HowJames Elected Portersman10
Harrison Thos Esqr Govr. reced his Charge12
Horne John Pet for Locks Gift14
HarseeChas. to be put Appr22
Horne John to have 10. Locks Gift27
Hogarth Mr Wm. Elected Governor42
Reced his Charged
Hardwick Edward to be Appr44

HornerMrs. Salley Tokes for Junna. was blank &
she sent 12 Gas. for it

Hodges Diana Elected Matron of Bethlem57

Handley Saml Esqr Petn. for a Lease of part of
the Ground in old Bethlem (7. 8) Referrd

Heafford Henry to be free80
doto be Enquired after for Locks Gift86
Higgins Wm. 10 yrs. to be Added to his Lease (Wagg)89
Heafford Henry to have 10 Locks Gift95
Holden Thos. To be Surveyor of the Works 96
Hospitals both Estates to be viewed97

Handley Saml. Esqr. Creport & Petns. for Lease
in Old Beth. (No.7.8) Referr'd beck
with ye pott of Well po [..] }

doto have Lease of Ground in Old Beth
part of No. 7.8)

Holl Rowland Esqr Elected Govr116
reced his Charge197
HolbeckWm. Esqr Elected a Governor120
reced his Charge
Hampdresser Eliza. Core pet Refd123

House Brid Precinct (No. 3. 4) to be pulld
down to widow the Entr to the Hospital

Holford John to be Apprentice137

[..] Robt [..] with Whilpole & Moller at
pod [..] Bill (Pt of No. 7. 8) Ref

Holmes Jno to have Assignmt from The Jernean
Bath Pl of No. 17. 18.19)

Holdon Mr Thos. Surveyor Extra [..] ies for
Bridewell 20& for Bethlem 10

HankeySr JosNominated a Govr. 175
confirm'd 183 read his charge186
Holmsley Mr TimoNominated a Govt178
confirm'd 183 reced his Charge186
HusseyMr WmNominated a Governor. 176
confirmed 193 reced he Charge 195
Hayler Mr ChasNominated a Governor176
confirm'd 183 reced his Charge186

Hutchines Mr. Francis Nomd. a Govr.176
confirm'd 184 reced his charge195
Hott. Chas. Esqr. Nomd a Govr. 176
confirm'd 184 reced his charge219
Horse Mr. Thos.Nomd. a Govr.177
confirm'd 184 reced his Charge186
Harris. Mr Saml. Nomd. a Govr.177
confirm'd 185 reced his charge. 186
HellMr. John177
confirm'd 185. reced his Charge186

Holmes. John Esqr. Lease of 5 houses part
of No.17.18.19) in Old Bethlam

Hamersley Hugh & Eliza. Moml. for add. Term
to their Lease at Chars x (No.1) referrd.

Hughes Jno. to be free207
Holditch & Rushton proposal for [..]
House Bade precinct (No.3 c), 215

Heafford Henry Elected an Artsmars 225
Hamersley Hugh & Eliza. Report Not to
Treat for a addl. Term to Lease Cha X No.1/1 174

Hunt Thos. proposal fro Lease
Bride (No.5b-) refd

Hughes Jno. to be enquir'd for fa To Gift 225

Handley Cathn. & love Beth. (Pl of No.8)
to be made to her wch was Orderd to her
Basband since dead

Harsonail Mr. Esqr Christ. Elb. fed a Govr234
reced his Charge236
Hargom Thos to be Appr.257
Hughes Jno to have 11 Tomk's Gift238
Hart Wm. to be Apprentice240
Holl Thos. to be free244

Hospl Bride Gallery in the Hall to be taken
down & the Window alter'd and Sashed

doCourt room Roof & Ceiling to be referrd 262
Hart Mr. Wm. thanks for his benefiction of 30 263
Hughes Jno to be Enquired after for Lock Gift 253
Hutchins. Jas to be Appr257
Hudison Robt to be free260
Kart. Mr. Wm thanks for his [..] of 150 268
Hornerslay Thos to be free 270

Hamersley Hugh & Eliz Lycence to assign
5 houses at Char X (No.1) to Mr Fra. Wise

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