Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Currently Held: Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives

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[..] James Esqr Nominated Governr363
DoReceiv'd. His Charge382
El [..] Saml Esqr nominated Governor 364
DittoRecd His Charge391
Vendor Rd. Mr. Nominated Governr364
DittoRecd His Charge382
Kroft Rd Mr Nomind a Governr364
DittoRecd His Charge370
[..] Hampt Esq nomind a Governour364
DittoRecd His Charge
Contston Robt Mr Nominated a Ground365
Ditto Recd His Charge370
Chap [..] Mr Nominated a Governr365
Ditto Recd His Charge382
[..] Esqr Nominated a Governr.365
Clock & [..] Tho nominated Governor 365
LittleReceived His Charge
[..] Mr. John nominated a Governr 365
DittoRecd His Charge
Cole [..] Jno Esqr. nominated a Governr. 365
DittoRecd His Charge

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