Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th January 1738 - 4th April 1751

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ColstonEdwdHis Legacy of 500 to Bethlem

Castleguard Kentin Kentpayable to Mrs
Hawley Ordered to be purchased

DoTo be in the name of St. Taylor In Tonst72

ChesterRobt Esqr Interest on a Legacy of
100 given by him, referred To ye Comee

ConstableHenry To be inquired after
for Locks Gift

Chappel wardens for 1738 confirmed21
Constable Henry To have Locks Gift 1027
CecillCharlesTo be made free37

ComeeTo consider of proposals for Orders &
Regulations referred to them

Clerka Governor being of ye long Robe to
Settle ye form of his Bond

DoTo make out Copys of all standing
Orders & deliver to the Trear

Contract for provisions or other matters exceeding
10 not to be made wth but advertising

Clerk to lay before ye Trear once a month an Accot
of his recipts & disbursemts

Comee of Bethlem to consider in what manner the
Incurables may be cased of their weekly

Doto consider of ye house Expences P ye Fees at ye
admission or discharge of Paticents

CecilChasTo be inquired after for Locks Gift 51

CarpenterThosTo have a Lease of Houses
No 15 in Bri Prer wch. was Ordered (No 21) to Palms

ChapmanThos.To be put Appr63

CoxRichardTo have a Lease of the Warehouse under
the Incurables at the End fo Bethlem Hospt

Contracts above 20 to be Advertised65
Cripps Andrew To be made free70
Carew Thos. Esqr Noiated a Govr. (fo 71) Confirmed75
Cranmer Joseph Esqr do(fo 71)do75
Chappel wardens Confirmed76

CoxHempdresserRobert concerning him
referred back to Comee

CabellFrancisElected an Artsmaster
in the room of James Vaughan discharged

CecillCharlesTo have Locks Gift 1080
CranmerJoseph Esqr reced his Charge as Govr83
CoxRobertAdmitted an Artsmaster85
CoivileauJohn To beApprentice87
CabellFrancisVacancy on his death87
CarewThos. Esqr . reced his Charge as Govr.94
Chappell ClerkVacancy on the death of Jas. Male96
CleaverThosElected 3rd. Beadle96
CooperGeorgeTo be apprentice96
ClarkeWm.To be apprentice96

Chappel ClerkMorganRobt. Elected in the
room of James Male deced

Cornish als allenThosto be Appr104
CracroftFrancisTo be appr111
CleaverThosref to comee to consider his [..] 119
doVacancy of a Beadle on his death135
ChildSaml Esqr To be added to Bethlem Grand Comee142

CookeWmArtsmar. To have 10. for the loss
of Henry Werters time

CornhillHenryTo be appr170
CambellSamuel To be Appr176
CrickettJamesTo be Appr181
Child-Sr . CasanNoiated a Govr183
confirmed 192 reced his Charge
CockayneMr. FrancisNoiated a Govr183
confirmed 192 reced his Change205
CarewJohn Esqr Noiated a Govr184
Confirmed 192 reced his charge208
ChapmanSr . John BartNoiated a Govr. 184
confirmed 192reced his Charge 212
CleaveMr. Benjn.Noiated a Govr.184
confimed 192 reced his Charge 212
CleaveMr. Benja Noiated a Gover184
confimed 192reced his Charge 200
CourtneySr . Wm. BartNoiated a Govr184
confimed 192 reced his Charge 320
ClarkeThomas Esqr Noiated a Govr184
confimed 192 reced his Charge 205
CalvertFalix Esqr .Noiated a Govr184
confimed 192reced his Charge 205
CleaveMr BouchierNoiated a Gover184
confimed 192 reced his Charge 200
ComynStephen Esqr Noiated a Govr184
confimed 192 reced his Charge 205

CooperWmPetr. for Lease of Cliffsend
Form in Rentreferred

Christs Hospitala Memorial to be drawn
up to the Court for the Artsmasters of this
Hospital to make their Shoes

CooperWm. to have a Lease of Cliffe
end Farm

CoxWm. to be made free206

ChristsHospital the Memorial to it presented
to the Court

CheeseFrancis to be Apprentice212
ChildCharles to be made free215
CornhillHenry Continued to the Hemp blacks219
CrayscroftCharles to be Apprentice225

CahuxJohn & Knowlings Richd Assigned
of Mr: Flower leave to Assign a peice
of Ground and Messuage in Old
Bethlem to Dr: Bosangreat

CoillienJohn to be turned overto another

Cole Jno Prisonr to be St to St Bartholomews Hospital
to be cured of a Soare Legg

Chapplewardens for 1745 confirmed246

CrossfieldJoseph to be Apprentice246
CasterEdwardTo be Appr248

ClarkeThomasPetr for Lease of 2
Houses in Wapping (No. 9) referred to

ClarkeJames to be Sent to Sea and the
Steward to pay for his Cloathing

ChildCharles to be Viewed for Locks Gift264

Charing GrossPaterson & Marsh Peter for Lease of
a House (No 6) refined

doMarsh to have Lease afraid House275

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