Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th January 1738 - 4th April 1751

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GutteridgeThos.To have lock's Gift (107

GandellJohnBarber of BethlemTo
have 32 P Ann for shaving ye Paticuts

GoryHenryAppr to Mr WardCorrected for his
disorderly behaviour

GildartJohnElected an Artsmat. in the room
of Mr Allen Page

Goorsnone to be Nominated till the next Court
after the 25th March 1743

GrovesChas.To be Apprentice79

GibbsEdwdPetr. for Lease of Houses in
Old Bethlem (No. 7.28) referred

GarlandJohnTo be Appr111
GroveChas.sent to the Hempblocks111
dodocontinued at do.114

GraingerJonaTo have a Lease of the Vaults
under Flowkes Court

Green Eleanora prisoner Escapes119

GroveChas Appr to Reay the Preside at & Trear
to send him a bread

doto be turned over to his father}

GapeJoseph Esqr .Noiated a Govr.184
confirm'd 194 reced his Charge301
at petr for Lease referred159

Govrsnone to be Nominated till the next
Court after Larday 1748

GurneyJohnPetr. for new Lease dreprs. ref 188
doTo have a New Lease of Collington turn 191

Govrs.None to be admitted under the Age of 30 yrs.
Ws any Infaier ther of my Hospt Eas P [..]
Gobre [..]

Govr. none to be admitted of any of the
Comees till two years after his
having taken his Charge

GutteridgeJames to be Apprentice225
Esthirds [..] tentitaldun petr in these [..] Ball an Lorse Referred159

GibbonMr. the Minister an increase of 20
P Ann to his Salary during pleasure of
the Court

Golding Robt. a Prisoner to be sent to the
London Workhouse

GoodwinJas.To have Ho. Brisper No 56305
Geldart JohnVacancy of an Artsmr. on his Heath 312
GathorneWmTo be Appr319
GeldartSamlElected Artsmaster319
GreanJohn ApprReprionanded326
GarlandJonathanPetr that his Terson may be
enlarged in the Vaults in Terskers Court
referred to Comes

GreogoryCharlesPetr. for Lease 3 Houses Wepp
Part of (No 4 & 46) referred to Comme

Golding Robert 50s to be allowed for Cloaths
for times when he is bound Apprentice

GrangerJohn To have Lease of Vaults in
Fouskes Court

Govrsstanding Rule none can Nominate but present
in Court & who has been Stewd. of Election Teast

GrangerMr. Benja Noiated a Govr359
confirmed 382 reced his Charge398
GrangerMr. JonathanNoiated a Govr.359
confirmed 382 reced his Charge398
Gorden Mr. ThosNoiated a Govr.359
confirmed 382 reced his Charge393
GisbyMr. ChasNoiated a Govr.359
confirmed 382 reced his Charge398

GovrsOrder about Age & Intereor Officers [..] way

Governas Confirmed382
GanstonMr. PhilipNoiated a Govr359
confirmed 382 reced his Charge393
GriffthsMr. ManaiceNoiated a Gover359
confirmed 384 reced his Charge398
GrayCharles Esqr .Noiated a Govr360
confirmed 383 reced his Charge398
GilesMr. WmNoiated a Govr360
confirmed 383 reced his Charge387
GlyanMr. Richd.Noiated a Govr360
confirmed 383 reced his Charge393
GowerWm. Lerrkson Esqr Noiated a Govr.360
confirmed 388 reced his Charge
GovrsNone to be Nomiated till 1st Contat
after Laday 1755

GarlandJohnTo be free397
GoulstonFrancis Esqr Elected a Govr398
GroveFrancisTo be Appr401
Gran John to be free409
Grinfill William Elected Artmaster411
Gale William to be Appr430
GreenJohn to be Viement for locks Gift435
doto have Locks Gift438
GarlandJohnto be Appr454
Garnon Apotherney Proposals481

Great head to Bethlem Hospt the Govr. will
Pay Plt 100 for the Copy hold Estate of
Edwd Barkham Esqr

GordonMr. Thos 50 to Bethlem Hospital472

Gilly Admtrix of E Holloway Esqr late Trears
to Transferr Hack & Cumintys & Duns deads
to President Treas & Auditor General

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