Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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JeffesWilliam Petn. for Locks gift 89. Ordr.107
Izard-Edward to be made free98
Johnson Richard Senr noiated Govr(123)Confirmd 126
Johnson Richard appr reprimanded for runing away 125

Insurance to be made on ye hospital houses
not Let by Lease

Inhabitants of Bridewell precinct Petition agt. ye
Nusance of Dung Berges

Inglesby James to be put Apprentice199
Izard Edwd petn for Lock's Gift fr (200) Order 251
Jemmett John Med hurst to be putt appr211
Jeffes John to be put Apprentice224
Henry Jno Petr P Locks Gift (fo 218) Order313

Hancson James Esqr Petr for Lycense to assign his Lease
in Wapp: to Jno KeelerRess

doLycence to assigne his Lease to Keeler293
Jones Thomasto be put apprentice321
Jackson Mr. to have a Lease of a house in Fowks Court 317
Jackson Mr Wm noiated Governor fo (325) Confirmed334
dotired his Charge338
Jolliffe sr be first presented at ye next noiacon of Govr 390
Johnson Richardto be made free390
Jolliffesr Wm. two Benefaction to Beth hospital 390
Joseph Thomas to be made free411
Jolliffe sr . Wm. noiated Govr fs (423) Confirmed460

Jodrell Paul Junr noiated Govr fs (423) Confirmed
Johnson Mr. Richd. noiated a Govr fr (423) Conf
Jennings Phillip Esqr noiated Govr fr (423) Conf
Joes Mr. Fran: noiated a Govr. fs (423) Confr

Incuralles at Bethlem a P [..] account to be kept
of Donatime

doŁ100 Mr [..] Ann [..] Turner429
doŁ200 by sr . Wm. Wilkers
doŁ100 by Col: Withers

Joseph Tho: Petr P Locks Gift fs (461) order470
Joes Mr. Frances Reced his Charge as Govr.473
Johnson Mr. Richd reced his Charge as Govr473
Jackson Saml to be putt apprentice512
Jennings Phillip Esqr Reced his Charge as Govr515

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