Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

16th May 1701 - 19th June 1713

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Bolton Richd. a New lease2

Bill in Chamery to be exhited agt madam

Madam Baker to have the 700 out of ye

Beadles to have 2 Chaldron of coles

Bradmore John Apprent32
Bolten Artsmar Expelled36:
Beadles gratuitys38:
Baskettmen of Bethlem gratuitysib:
Baker madam to signe orders of Loan Etc 45:
Burgess Martha Stewards maid 20s62:
Beadles gratuitys79:
Baskettmen of Bethlem ditto79

Baker madam Comittees Report about
her and Mrs Mount confirmed

Boulter Tho: made Free85

Old Bethem Order for purchaseing 3
houses there

ditto order discharged42:
Bucknall Joseph to be viewed103:
Boulter Tho: to be viewed103:
Bethlem bonds a Clause added109:
Bethlem Warehouses Lease to Mr Ga: Smith 113
Boulten Tho: Locks guist113:
Bucknall Jos: Locks guist116:
Bridewell Clock to be mended117:
Bethlem Lunaticks to pay nothing119:
Bethlem Lunaticks not to Exceed 136 Etc: 123:
Beadles allowed for watching Fuller123
Beadles to watch every night126
Banner John nominated a Govr132
Barnard Cha: noiated a Govr139
Brooks Tho apprent139
Beadles gratuity141
Baskett men of Bethlem dittoib
Baker late, Trear, [..] Comittee to state his accots152
Barham Mary a Lease156
Byard Samll to be made Free167
Brooks William noiated a Govr167
Beadle Henry noiated a Govr171
Beadles gratuitys173
Baskettmen doib
Byard Samll to be viewddo
Madam Baker to deliver papers to Trear: 179

Bolter John Re=admitted Artsmar and to have
Mr Fowlers house

Byard Samll 10 Locks guist180

Buck James to have 5 P Cent for 100 [..]
for his life184

Bridewell Hospll daminified by the
storm to be repaired

Bethlem Hospll damaged by the late
storm to be viewd

Bridgman Robt apprent191
Beadles gratuitys198
Baskett men ditto198
Bartho mew Wm to be made Free 201
Buller Wm to be made Free205
Buller John apprent205
Baidery Cha: made Free208

Benefactors names to be sett up
in the Court roome

Baker Eliz 10s215
Banson Mr Wm noiated a Govr: 21 [..]

Bird whistle Mr Wm his Report for
a new lease confirmed

Beadles gratuitys218
Baskettmen do218
Bridge Mr Edwd noiated Govr. 223
Benefactor entied Imediatly223
Bridge Edwd: Governor223
Baldey Charles to been viewed229
Buller William do230
Bartholomew William d230
Bureton farme to bee lett P Capt January: 234
Bennett Jno: referred to Comitted 234
Breame Charles referred to Comittee 234
Baldey Charles 10235
Bartholomew Willm10236
Buller Wm.10236
Browne Jno: made free237

Barwell & Wheeler Executers of
Parsons Comitted to State att ye}239

Blake Battney Petsonsid off 241
Bowes Robert Nipps house 242
Bennett Jno: Artsmaster245
Bethlem Bennts: referred to Comitted 246
Beadles gratuity246
Baskettmen do247
Blake Batney Pet referred 247
Browne Jno enquired off249
Bethlem Bennts: to Pay ground rent [..]
Blake Tatney 102 [..]
Browne Jno 102 [..]

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