Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

16th May 1701 - 19th June 1713

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Charge of Govrs Puseal Referred381
Convicts Makes Complaint agt. em382
Charge as Amended to be printed & odd to Goods392

Convicts Cont to Labor & Keep of Newgate to
Dud Pout for 'em}

Charge of Govrs. Specimen approved396
Cooper James To be put Appr400

Chappell Wardens Bower Robt.
West Wm.}
Confirmed 414

Carey Daniel made free415
Colmer Doctor. Nomd Govr.417
Convicts Hempdressers to take care of em418
Clay Wm To be Apprent419
Clewse Mr Robt. Approvd Govr423
Chappell an accot. to be taken of Appr. absence377
Corne William To be Apprent428

Convict Mary Burton Remanded to Newgate
her time being out}

Carey Daniel To be Viewd442
Crump John made free448
Colmer Doctor. elected Govr453

Colston Edwd Junr Esqr
Cully Mr John
Cast John Esqr}
Nomed Govrs459

Convert Jenkinson Janes Petr. Referrd469
Convicts Severall others [..] Petciond Refer469
Convict Artsmar. Petn. agt Fuller Appr. Refer469
Carey Daniel 10 Locks Gift470

Comon Councell of London Recomendacon
about Apprentices}

Colfton Edwd. Junr Esqr
Cully Mr John
Cos. John Esqr}
Elected Govrs474

Cully Mr John Reced Charge as Govr479

Chappell Wardens
{West Jno
West Wm}
Confirm'd 479

Church Yard Comee to Trout for a New Case479

Clarke Wm Ned
Chison Charles}

Come Wm. Appr. to Doxter Indres to be Comittd
and he put to ye block}

ConvictMathews To be fluxed488

Convicts Comee to draw Memorial
to ye Queen abliene}

Carrington Wm Apprentice491

Cass John Esqr. Reced Charge As Govr494
Do Elected Treasurer494
Do Accepted the Office496
Convict Day Elizt. To be thiced519
Colston Edwd. Junr. Esqr. Reced Charge 524

Chappell Wardens
{Cordwell Edwd.
Waldo James}
Confirmd 540

Chappell Clerk Gethins 30{Gra to 14 ye pupl 514
Collins Ardra-Settlemt{disputed540

Do. Order of Settlemt. quafld546

Carey Danll. Petn. abt. [..] of a Wound in his hand
Reced at a fire in Premit Referrd}

Convict Williams Eliz Petn. for Cure of fowle
disease Referrd}

Cary John Apprentice548

Clarke John Apprentice
Coles Johnmade free}

Cross Tho. Esqr Noced a Govr574
Crawford John Esqr Noced a Govr578
Cleaver Thomas to be made free583
Cross Thomas EsqrElected a Govr586
Crawford John EsqrElected a Govr586

Chappell Clerkes Petition for an Allowance

[..] 4 Gra prayr to mich 1710. 593
Cooke Richard Apprentice589

Coverley Robt Appr.{Archer602

Chappell Wardens
confirmed 607

Cumber Julian free617

Court roome a Curtaine to be putt up
at ye south window}

Chappell Clerke a gratuity of 4
for the year past 1711
Chappell-a Beadle to Attend were the
Acter to Prvent ye Noise of Children

Cox Samll. Appr641

Chappell the Ground at the East
End to be inclosed and no doores
to be there}

Chappell Wardens Complaint agt.
Tho. Whitehead for refuseing
to Serve in his turne}

Chappell Wardens
Page Allen
Gabell Edwd}
Confirmed 1712}

Coles Thomas Appr
Chapman James Appr}

Chappel Clerke a gratuity of 4
10 ye year past 1742}

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