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2nd January 1719 - 3rd December 1719

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Image 6 of 14526th December 1718

The Confess of Wm Dickson< no role > taken ye 26 of Decembr 1718 . before
Sr Wm Fryer< no role > . one of his Majesties Justices of Peace for Lady

This Examinon Oath Saith on Tuesday morning last past abt 4 a Clock
he Thos Goodrun< no role > This name instance is in a workspace. & Edward Burnworth< no role > This name instance is in set 1442144214420. went together to ye House of
Wm Gilbert< no role > This name instance is in a workspace. a Small coal man in Grubstreet yt he Wm Dickenson< no role > went
up a little Court behind in Gilberts house, where they advised him to pull of
his Shoes which they took care of, & he gott over a Wall into Mr. Gilberts
Yard, & opened ye Casement of Mr. Gilberts Kitchin & Went these at into
ye house & took out of ye sd Mr. Gilberts house one Silver Tankard
& Seven Silver spoons & return'd ye same way to ye Wall yt he had gott
over, where his two aforesaid companions were, who helpt his door
& imediately Seanlet his Porhetts, & took from his ye sd Silver Tanhards
& Spoons. & yt he & ye sd Goodrun & Burnworth, went altogether to
ye Brandy shop of one Richd Tailor< no role > in Barbican. where they shewed
the sd Tankard & spoons to ye sd Tailor. who asht him where they had
committed ye robbery. & they told the sd Tailor it was in Newtners lane
to which Tailor reply'd & it it was so far of it was well enough & sent
his Wife to Kath Brown< no role > & she would went ye for ye & Brown
came accordingly to ye sd Shop. & there Brown bought ye & carried
ye away with her. ye he merws not how much Brown paid for ye
but he ye sd Dickson had Thirteen Shill for his Share of ye Money &
they pretended he had three Shill more then any of ye to his share

Capt coram me
Decemb 26 1718
John Fryer< no role >

ye Mark of
William [mark] Dickson< no role >

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