City of London Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

3rd January 1799 - 31st December 1799

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Deposition of a Witness taken at London
that is to say at the parish of Saint Sepulchre
in the ward of Farringdon without in London
aforesaid this 22d. day of April 1799 on view of
the body of Thomas Kennedy< no role > now here [..]
lying Dead

William Clark< no role > a Prisoner in His Majesty< no role > , Gaol of
Newgate maketh Oath that he hath known the deced Thomas Kennedy< no role > about
eight Months that he was in the same ward with Department that the
deced has had an Agne on him about afortnightThatlast [..]
yesterday wich the deceds wife was in the ward with him that he
having the Agne fit then on him his wife sayed she had been cured
of the Agne by taking Beer with Tobacco [..] asked in it and advised
the deced is try someThat between four and five in the afternoon
of Saturday last the deced having the Agne fit among on had
previously presenced an Ounce of Tobacco which he past into a
print of Beer [..] and put on the FireThat Little while after
the fit continuing to come the deced sayed he wanted drink the Beer
the Tobacco had been taked in Dept. advised the deced not to drink
the whole but the deced sayed he would for the thought it would
do him good that the deced accordingly drank the whole offthat
the deced was immediatly taken with a vomiting that when he
had done vomiting he requested to say down that he was put into
his Hammock that after he was in his Hammock he again vomited
that he then appeared to be dying-Dept sent for a surgeon and
having precured some part wine Dept warmed it over the fine
with some spice in and offered it the deced but he was to has gone
to take any of it and soon after xpired-Dept thinks when the
deced vomited that he brought made of the Beer he had drank as above
stated off his stomack and that he had a violent fit of the ru [..]
on him at the time-Dept. says the deced hand also a bad leg
and had been taking medicine some time and was an olderly
man near sixth years of age and very much emaciated and

Sworn this 22nd day of April 1799
before me}

Wm Clarke< no role >

Charles Wilson< no role > a prisoner in Newgate maketh Oath that he hath known
the deced about a year and an half that the deced was an aged
man very much debilitated and always taking medicine
that [..] & three weeks past Dept has given the decaed Medicine

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