Carpenters' Company:
Minute Books of Courts and Committees

4th May 1731 - 2nd August 1737

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Currently Held: Guildhall Library, London

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Image 439 of 4527th June 1737

Court day Continued June the 7th: 1737

Godwin to Garrett

Consented That Samuel Gandey< no role > the late Apprentice of Thomas Godwin< no role > deced be
assigned to Charles Garrett< no role > Citizen and Carpenter of London for the remainder of his
Apprenticeship .

A Table of Benefactors to be
prepared by ye Renter Warden}

Coll Williams desires The Master will putt the Question That a Table of Benefactors to
this Company may be made and their Names wrote in Golden Letters and sett up in Some
proper place in the Hall And Itt was thereupon Ordered That the Renter Warden do provide
a Handsome Table accordingly.

Leave for Mr Hope to assign
his Lease to Mr Harrison}

Mr Andrew Hope< no role > the Companys Tennant in Hog Lane Pursuant to a Covenant in his
Lease desired leave to assign the Same to Mr John Harrison< no role > ofBrewer Which
was agreed to And Ordered accordingly with this reservacon That the said Andrew Hope should
not be released from his Covenants in the said Lease.

None but a Carpenter by trade
to be taken on the Livery this

Ordered att this Court That none but Carpenters by trade shall be taken on the
Livery of this Company this Call and that five shall be taken on & no more

Livery men sumoned

Ordered That Mr William Williams< no role > , Mr Thomas Wilmor< no role > , Mr Taylor Bates< no role > Mr John
< no role > and Mr Emanuel Johnson< no role > be sumoned to appeare att the Hall the 23d: instant in order
to take the Cloathing of the Livery on them.

Mr Benbridge to Measure the
work att the New Building's }

Ordered That Mr Nathaniel Benbridge< no role > do measure All the Work att the New Buildings
att London Wall And that he be paid for his trouble att the expence of this Company

300 to Mr Horton out of the
Company's Chest}

Ordered That Mr Renter Warden Horton receive Three hundred Pounds out of the Company
Chest for Carrying on the Buildings att London Wall which he this day reced accordingly.

The House in Lyme Street late
Foxley's lett to Mr Johnson}

Harry Johnson< no role > of the Parish of St. Dyonis Backchurch Gentleman this day agreed to take
the house late in the possession of Christopher Foxley< no role > Merchant scituate in Lyme Street
upon Lease for eleven years att the rent of 28 P ann payable Quarterly to Comence from
Midsummer next And will execute a Counterpart of the Lease to the Company when required
and now paid Mr Warden Horton One shilling in part of the first Quarters Rent.

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