St Clement Danes Parish:
List of Workhouse Inmates in 1785

February 1785

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Hyde Sarah< no role > to be discharged on Monday next.
Jas. Mc. Cormick< no role > , to be dischrd. on Monday next.
Mary Dickinson< no role > 2 Child to be dischd. on Monday Week
Mary Graham< no role > after things & to be dischd. on Monday.
Eliz Byam< no role > to be dischd. next Monday Week.
Harriet Davis< no role > to be dischd. next Monday Week
Eleanor Hurst< no role > to be passd. to the City to Alphabetical Dash
Eliz Heather< no role > to be dischd. 14 days hence.
Martha Tomkinson< no role > -to be dischd. on Monday next.
Ordd. That Gabriel be dischd the House on Monday next
Ordd. That Wm Johnson< no role > be [..] dischd. next Monday Week.
Ordd. That Thos. Ithal< no role > be dischd. next Monday.
Ordd. That John Bruff< no role > be dischargd. next MondayWeek
Ordd. That John Thomas< no role > be sent into Devonshire Hortington on Monday or
Tuesday next.
Ordd. Mary Gibson< no role > & Child be passd. to Barwick on Tuesday next
Ordd: Geo: Atkinson< no role > be dischd. next Monday.

Spencer Mrs.see abt her Pay and then discd here
Wear. Enquire when his Pay becomes due when Pick Satisfied he dischd
becomes due the 14th: May at Statd. Hall

Stride abs. [..] Howard Bond< no role >
[..] Walkins Bond< no role > . Blaker}

Norwick too man St.

Examine Anne Mulford< no role > Advertismt. Want. Husbd. 1 Ga. sent3s.
Man in Veil Street1 Ga:
Dohens'sWant.1 Ga.
Mary Advertismt. advertise Children

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