St Clement Danes Parish:
List of Workhouse Inmates in 1785

February 1785

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Orders for the Vestry Clerk

a Pair of Indres to find Clemt.
Andell to Hordell aged 13 to

Thomas Maidon< no role > a Harris
Draper little Turns till
St. Giles .

To inform Mr Stude no less than 30 will be taken
To wait on the Coun [..] of the St. Off.
To Write to & make Wanrt. for Mr. Porters by little [..]
See to passg. Eliz Breedon< no role > an infant to Mortlake .
To get warnt. Dokers
Summon Connor
< no role > . for Man leag Child in Vare Street .

ye. Williams's disch.}

Assistants ordrs.
Child [..]
Eale Hamers Left

Boys Halletts Health
Garman abt. Dokers

Mary [..]
Isabella Child< no role > do.

Ordd. March 16th. 1785.

Ann Evans< no role > discharg'd on Monday next.
Eliz Tongue< no role > discharg'd-this Day Week.-High Shoe Wornour
Mary Louisa Dolcho< no role > [..] dischd on Monday next

Jane Chambers< no role > to be dischd. on Monday next

May Cock< no role > to be dischd. [..] in 12 days
Sarah Elvins< no role > 2to be dischd. on Monday

Ann Thorpe< no role > to be dischd. on Monday Week

Mary Gothise< no role > to be dischd. [..] Monday Week

Margt. Webster< no role > This name instance is in set 1239. This set is in the group(s): MothersCD . to the dischd. next Weeks

Mary Nursan< no role > to the dischd. Wednesdy next

Hannah Bandy< no role > to be dischd. on Monday next

John Higgins< no role > .a Trowells pass 25s. for him
on Monday next

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