St Clement Danes Parish:
List of Workhouse Inmates in 1785

February 1785

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Places of Abode
1st. Subscripn.
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Whose Order
Christian and Sir Name
How Settled in the Parish
When Came in
When discharged or died

Reason Elizth< no role >
Lived with Mr. Waters in Stanhope Street as a Servt.
Has been in the House about Ten years

Row Mary< no role >
Her Husband kept a House in Wych Alley is Dead and she Blind }
Has been in the Houseaboutsome years

Russell Mary< no role >
Married John Russell< no role > he dead a Son named John at Peters Lane been in Service of Mrs. Selwyn three Quarters of a years}
Has been in the House about five years
Died 17th. April 1785 and Carried away for Interment the 20th. April 1785 by her Friends.

Richardson Elizth< no role >
Kept Ho in Exater Cos. at 16. a G. Kept it 5: Yrs.
Came in abt. 7 yrs

Rutter Ann< no role >
Passed to us
Has been in the House some years

Robinson Elizth< no role >
a Girl of ful Age to be put out Apprentices her Father and Mother both dead they kept House in Holywell Street }
Went out to Mrs. Webb of a polls Court on liking the 27th April 1785
goneWent on liking 12 Febry. 1785. to Mr. Morris a Chair of a Polls Court on liking maker Send on Street Tottenham bot. Road
26 Febry sent Back again

Rawlins Ann< no role >
her Father is a Mathematical Instrument maker Mother lives with him did live in Denzell Street lives in a Court in Middle Row Holborn of if able Settled by a 10 Lodging at Taaffes Denzell Street has 2 Sisters Harriet< no role > at Low layton Elizth< no role > . at Do. John< no role > with his Father.}

Robertson Elizth< no role > .
her Father a Broker dead has a Brother aged 19 named Josiah< no role > he at Sea her Mother kept the Angel& Son}

Reading Ann< no role >
Daur. of Chas. Reading who kept the Black Lyond in Wych Street he hanged-Mother lives at Christ Church Broad Watt no other Childn.}
went or Liking to Mr.Thos. Hannington< no role > [..] 17 March 1785 Retd. [..] 22d. Mar.

Rout Martha< no role >
Married to Thos. Rout he dead no Children living kept House by Beaufort Buildings }
been in the House about 5 Weeks
Dischd. 4 March

Robins Mary< no role >
Husband dead no family lived Servant to Mr. Adam Allen< no role > Blackmoor Street}
been in the House four years

Roberts Grace< no role >

Rider Joseph< no role >
no family Served his Time with Richd. Watkins< no role > Shire Lane }
been in the House about 3 Weeks
dischd. 7 March Admitted 21st. April 1785.

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