St Clement Danes Parish:
List of Workhouse Inmates in 1785

February 1785

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Places of Abode
1st. Subscripn.
2nd. Subscripn.
3rd. Subscripn.

Whose Order
Christian and Sir Name
How Settled in this Parish
When Came in
When discharged or died

Tongue Elizabeth< no role >
Married to Luke Foley< no role > at the Romish Chaple born in the Parish her Father and Mother kept House in Bear Yard}
Has been in the House about 12 Months
she has 3 Childn. one in the Ho. named Edwd. and Two at Lowlayton

Trippett Rebecca< no role >
Married Henry Trippett< no role > he served his Time to Mr. Pearce Clements Lane}
Has been in the House about Eleven years

Thorp Ann< no role >
Married Richd. Thorp< no role > he dead has Seven Children living Eleanor< no role > married to James Clark< no role > of Leaden hal Street belonging to the Post office Margarett< no role > lives with Eleanor Wm.< no role > Robt.< no role > James< no role > Jno.< no role > & Thos. [..] With< no role > their Brother Wm. Anderson< no role > are Apprentices to him at Canterbury Rensd. 12s.a yrs in Wych Street .}
Has been in the House about Eight Months.

Tomkinson Martha< no role >
Singlewomen Settled by lives with Mr. Gonger Shoemaker Clane Street. 15 Mos.}
been in Ho abt. 10 Weeks
disch 27th. Mar 1785.

Tavenor Richd< no role > .
Singleman his Mother died in Clements Lane he born there}
been in the House 14 Days
Discharged 15th. Febry.

Thompson Ann< no role >
her Father lived near Bloomsbury Markett at a Mr. Harwoods a Publican Sign of thewas Wandering the Streets some person of this Parish put her in here her Uncle named Thompson a Carpenter lives near Clare Markett he did live in Plough Court of Grays Inn Lane 2 Aunts named Thompson at Moxford in Cheshire }

Threader Ann
Married to John Threader who served his Time to Randall the Shoemaker has 3 Children by one Wesley a Shoemaker vizt. Hannah born in Bird Cage Alley Saint Geo: Southwark Thos. born in Queen Street Saint Mary Ovrys Cath born at the same place}
Hannah passed to St. Geo: Southwark Thos. Passd to St. Mary Bonbys Savigny Catharine passed to same place
16s. Febry 1785 16d

Townsend Fortune< no role >
kept House in Stanhope Street no Childn.
been in the House about two years
died 27 May 1785.

Trott Elizth< no role > .
Married Richd. Trott< no role > one Son living (abroad) Served his Time with Hendrick the File maker in High Holborn her Husband dead [..] he lived With Sr. Thos. [..] of this Parish}
been in the House about two Months

Thorn Elizth< no role > .
Singlewoman no Children (lived Servt. at Mr. Cobbs Clare Court ) passed from Clerkenwell }
been in the House four years.
Died [..] 1st. May 1785.

Termett MaryJane< no role >
her Husband dead no family very Lance
been in the House two years

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