St Clement Danes Parish:
Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams

31st March 1783 - 3rd August 1786

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Saint Clement Danes


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John Almett< no role > of Hemlock Court in the
parish of Saint Clement Danes , Maketh Oath
and saith That upon Enquiry he has been
informed, that Margaret Dohens< no role > , and Mary
< no role > , two Children of Lewis Francis Dohens< no role > ,
were passed from the Parish of Saint Mary Matfellon
otherwise Whitechapel to the Parish of Saint James
Westminster , that they were in Saint James's
Workhouse for a long Space of time, that the
Father took them from thence and kept them out
sometime, but being out of Employ carried them
to the Workhouse of Saint James's again, That
since that he has taken them out and put them
to Board in Bear Yard in the Parish of Saint Clement
Danes That he has deserted them and left them
a Charge upon the said Parish of Saint Clement
Danes, and that the said Margaret Dohens< no role > .
and Mary Dohens< no role > are now in the Workhouse of
and Chargeable to the said Parish of Saint
Clement Danes

Sworn this 7th. Day of
March 1785 before
R Butler

John Allmett< no role >

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