St Clement Danes Parish:
Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams

19th October 1745 - 7th July 1747

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Image 120 of 40318th March 1746


John Langton< no role > upon his Oath saith he
intermarried with his Wife Ann< no role > on the 6th. Day
of April 1744 at the Fleet London Says he lived a Yearly
hired Servant with Henry Feilding< no role > Esqr . for the
Space of two Years & upwards & had Meat
Drink Washing Lodging and Cloaths for his said
Service Says he lived the last three Months
of his said Service with the said Mr. Feilding in
Abbey Green in the Abbey Parish in Bath in the
County of Somersett Says he hath not since he
left the sd. Mr. Feilding rented ten pounds a Year
paid Parish Taxes lived a Yearly Servt. for one
Year whilst a Singleman or otherwise gained
a Settlement in any other Place to his knowledge
or beleif

Sworn March
18. 1745 before
Wm. Jones< no role >

Jones Langton< no role >

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