Ordinary of Newgate Prison:
Ordinary's Accounts: Biographies of Executed Convicts

28th May 1714

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19th April 1714

to Justice, or any the least Intention then, either of leaving off his own Wicked Ways, or reclaiming other Sinners from theirs. He said, he was sorry he had done so wickedly, and begg'd GOD's Pardon and theirs, whom he had offended; and declar'd, that he dy'd in Charity with all Mankind.

NB. The Persons that were Condemn'd upon this Harper's Evidence, on the 14th of December 1713 , and who accordingly suffer'd Death on the 23d of that Month , were James Goswell< no role > , Thomas Hudson< no role > , Giles Spencer< no role > , and Richard Latin< no role > .

2. Roderick Awdry< no role > This name instance is in set 1425. , Condemn'd for stealing Plate to the Value of above 20 l. out of Mr. Thomas Gibson< no role > 's House, on the 19th of April last . He said, he was under the Age of 16 Years, born in the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields , and confess'd, That tho' he was so Young, yet he had been a great Offender, having committed several Robberies of the same nature with this he now lay under Condemnation for; which he acknowledg'd he had, by his own Folly, brought upon himself, and justly deserv'd: That the Causes of his betaking himself to such ill Courses, as he had done, were his Father's Dying when he was very Young, and his being brought up to no Trade, and turn'd out of Doors, unprovided for, by a Father-in-Law, as soon as his Mother had marry'd again, which was not very long after his own Father dy'd: That being thus turn'd into the wide World, he was then to seek what Course to take, and what shift to make to get a Livelihood; and that which seem'd to him the readiest, was to steal and pilfer. Which wicked Trade he began with robbing of Orchards, and then proceeded to greater Thefts; insomuch that he sometimes stole Plate to such a quantity at once, as amounted to above 400 l. The principal Robberies, which he told me he had committed (all of them in the Day-time, and within the space of 3 or 4 Years last past) were these, viz.

1. He stole Three Silver Spoons out of a House in a Place pav'd with large Stones, over-against St. James's Street , about 3 or 4 Years ago.

2. Eight Silver Spoons out of a House in that Street, about the same time.

3. A great quantity of Plate, out of a House in Hoxton Square , about the same time: Which Plate he sold at an Under-rate, for 15 l.

4. A rich flower'd Silk Gown and Petticoat, trim'd with Orice Lace, out of a House in Golden Square , about 3 Years since.

5. Two Silver Salvers, Casters, Spoons, &c. out of a House in Prescot-street , near Goodman's Fields , about the same time.

6. A Silver Tankard, 6 or 7 Tea-spoons, a pair of Silver Buckles, 18 Guineas, one broad Piece of Gold, 2 Crown-Pieces, - &c. out of a House at Chelsea , about that time.

7. A Silver Pint pot, and other Plate, out of another House there, not long after the last-mention'd Robbery.

8. A Silver Salver out of a House at Stepney , about 3 Years ago

9. A Silver Coffee-holder (as he call'd it) out of a House in Well-Close-Square , near Ragg-Fair , about the same time.

10. Three Silver Spoons, out of a House in Ormond-street , near Lambs-Conduit , 2 Years and a half ago.

11. A small Silver Watch, out of another House in the same Street, about a fortnight after.

12. A Silver Tankard, a Silver Salver, and 2 Silver Spoons, out of a House at Black-wall , 2 Years ago.

13. A Silver Salver out of a House at Mile-end , about the same time.

14. Two Silver Plates, 2 Candlesticks, and other Plate, out of a House at Bednal-Green , about that time also.

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