Middlesex Sessions:
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July 1757

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List upon Oath.

And the said Adams is Willing to Contract for such
time and under such other regulations as shall seem meet
to the Courts of Session of the said County City and Liberty
And will give undeniable Security to perform his Contract if

July the 14th. 1757.


{Andthis Court doth approve of the same& agree to the said Approving of the said Proposal of the sd.
do agree thereto for the space of one Year
and doth hereby appoint
Jame's Sturgis Adams< no role > Doth Order and recommended it to
the said Jas. Sturgis Adams< no role > [..] Convey all such Rogues & Vagabonds according to
his said Proposal for the space of one year to Commence from
the several Justices of the Peace of the said County of
Middlesex And also of the City & to the several Justices of the Peace of

the Liberty of Westminster to adhere to and conform
themselves to the Method [..] of conveying such Rogues & Vagabonds according pursuant to the said Proposal above mentioned
which are as follows. Vizt. go back to B. 1st. Page & copy the Proposal
And that upon the said James Sturgis Adams< no role > Strictly
Conforming himself And Performing the several
Matters and Contracts in the said Proposal mentioned
for which these
and doth agree that upon the Said Jas Sturges Adams< no role > performance of the matters contained in
The Treasurer of this County do pay unto the said James
Sturgis Adams
< no role > the Sum of Ten Pounds a month and the Allowance
of Six pence for the Subsistance [..] of every Vagrant in their
Passage upon the said James Sturges< no role > Adames's
Producing a Certificate [..] to the said Treasures

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