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July 1757

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and Six pence for each Vagabond for Sub-
sistence, under the Regulations of the Order
of Sessions of the 14th July, 1757 Etc.

Your Committee Report, that they
have examined the several Orders of Con-
veying Vagabonds from the North, East, and
West Parts of this County for two Years,
viz. from July 1756, to July 1758, and the
Charge amounts to the several Sums follow-


From the North 91 16 0

East 116 8 0

West 57 7 0

265 11 0

Medium of the two Years 132 15 6

The Proposal of Mr. Adams being
an Additional of 80. per ann. to this present
Salary, supposing the future Charge to be
equal to the last two Years, the Saving to the
County will be 52.15s.6d. per ann. But it
ought to be observed, that some Charge will
arise for the Maintenance of such Vagabonds
as may be lodged at Stains , Colnbrooke , South
Mims and Endfield , perhaps about Six-pence
per Head, but on the other Side, as this Pro-
posal is to remove the Vagabonds from the
Bridewells and other Lodgments in Town
four Times a Week instead of twice, by the

present Contract, one half of the Money
now paid for maintaining Vagabonds will
be saved, which your Committee apprehend
will greatly over ballance the Charge at
Stains , Colnbrooke , South Mims , and Endfield ,
and the Vagabonds will by this Proposal be
more regularly conveyed, and incorrigible
Rogues be more easily detected.

Your Committee therefore duly con-
sidering the Premises, are of Opinion, that
the Complying with the said Proposal under
the following Restrictions will prove advan-
tageous to this County.

That the said James Sturges Adams< no role > ,
clear the Bridewells of Clerkenwell and
Tothilfields of all such Vagabonds as shall be
thereto committed, and whose Passes are sent
down by the respective Magistrates four
Times a Week, viz. those to the North and
East, twice every Week, and those to the
West, also twice every Week: And the said
Adams do receive to his own House, all such
Vagabonds as shall be brought to him by the
Officers of Glass-house Yard Liberty , and
the Dutchy Liberty of Lancaster , and con-
vey and deliver all such Vagabonds to the
Parishes and Places mentioned in the Orders
of Conveying twice a Week to the West,
and twice to the North and East.

That the said James Sturges Adams< no role > ,
do twice every Week call at Staines and
B2 Colnbrook

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