Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

October 1718

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Image 14 of 2825th March 1719

Or Passages whereby the passage of his Maties Subjects may be
any weryes hundred or in comoded the doeing whereof is
adjudged by this Court to be A great Nusance And It is further
Ordered by this Court that the High Constables of the respective
Divisions in this County doe take Speedy & Effectuall Care of the
due Execucon of this Order And upon Sight hereof to applye
themselves to the Justices of the Peace of this County in their
respective Divisions to consider in what places the Said Watches
& Stands may from time to time most conveniently & placed
And that the High Constables of the respective Divisions in this
County & alsoe the petty Constables & Headboroughs of every
parish Hamblet prcinct & Libty in every Division in the Said
County doe from time to time cause due prsentmt to be made
against all & ever Person & persons offending or neglecting
their Duty in the Prmes at the prmes at the next Sessions of the Peace to
be holden for this County after every Such Offence or
Offences Neglect or Neglects And It is hereby recomended to
the Care of his Maties Justices of the Peace for this County
at their petty Sessions within their Severall Divisions in the
Said County to Soe this Ordr duley observed for the welfare.
& Safely of his Maties Subjects resideing in this County And
this Court doth require all high & petty Constables and all
other persons concerned in the Execucon of this Order to
Yeild due Obedience thereinto as they and every of
them will answer the contrary at their peril

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