Middlesex Sessions:
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December 1713

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May be
Etc. before

Persons ta-
ken upon
how to be
If Dange-
rous and

To be sent
to last legal
if known,
False Ac-
count of
Birth or

Manner of

pass [..] Va-

in Quarter-
Session ap-
how to be

Petty Con-
stables, how
to be reim-

or Vagabond was apprehended, taking Notice where, and for what Cause apprehended, and whither
and in what Time allow'd to pass) to cause such Person, of whatsoever Age, to be convey'd to Place
of Birth; if under the Age of fourteen Years, and have any Father or Mother living, to the Abode
of such Father or Mother, if known, if not known, then to the Parish or Place where found last
B [..] ging or misordering him or herself, and pass'd unapprehended, and these deliver'd to the Con-
stable, or other Officer. The Form of which Pass is in the said Act.

5. If any Person who hath obtain'd a legal Settlement be found Wandring, and begging and misor-
dering him or herself as aforesaid, they, and such as shall be apprehended as Rogues or Vagabonds, be-
fore they be pass'd, may, if the Justice think fit, be order'd to be openly whippd, or sent to the
House of Correction, for hard Labour, at the Difer [..] of the Justice, and then immediately sent
away, which Punishment, or conveying to Bridewell, the Constable shall see executed.

6. Such persons apprehended upon a general privy Search, having committed Acts of Vagrancy,
and who have no fixt A bode or Imployment in the Place apprehended, altho' they may have acquir'd
a legal Settlement subsequent to their Birth, to be fear, by Two Justices of Peace, to last legal Set-
tlement, yet the Charges to be born and defray'd in the same Method and Manner as passing Rogues
and Vagabonds to Place of Birth. If the Justice shall see Cause to judge any Rogue or Vagabond
to be dangerous to the People, and unlikely to be reform'd, may commit to the House of Correction,
or common Goal, for hard Labour, till the next Quarter-Sessions, where, if adjudg'd a dangerous
and incorrigible Rogue, to be publickly whip'd Three Market-Days succestively, at some Market-
Town near, and kept to hard Labour so long as the Justices shall think meet, if voluntarily break
Prison and escape, to suffer as a Felon.

7. Justices not to make a Pars for conveying Rognes or Vagabonds to Place of Birth before
Examination, nor after, if it appear such Person hath a legal Settlement, since Birth, on Pain of
forfeiting 5l.

8. Rogues and Vagabonds that refuse to be examin'd on Oath, or on Examination, shall know-
ingly give any false or unsatisfactory Account there of, being detected, shall be deem'd a dangerous
and incorrigible Rogue, and punish'd as such; of which Punishment the Justice is to inform the Per-
son examin'd.

9. The Justice, or Justices, who make a Pass for a Rogue or Vagabond to the Place of Birth, Etc.
shall, with the Pass, deliver to the Constable a Certificate ascertaining how such Person is to be con-
vey'd by Horse, Cart, or on Foot, whither, in what Time, and what Allowance is to be made to
the Constable for conveying such Person to the Place he is to pass him. The Form of which is in
the Act.

10. The Constable who receives such Pass and Certificate, is to convey the Persons name'd in such
Pass the next direct Way to the Place order'd, if it be in the same County, Corporation, Etc. keep-
ing separate Quarter-Sesssions wherein apprehended ; if it be not in the same County, Corporation, Etc.
then to the first Town of the County, Corporation, Franchise, Etc. named in such Pass or Certi-
ficate, thro which such Persons are to be convey'd in the direct Way to the Place whither they are
to be sent, and there deliver them to the Constable of the said Place, or first Town, together with
the Pass, taking Receipt of such Delivery upon the Certificate under the Hand or Mark of the
Constable, or other Officer, to whom deliver'd, and the Constable or other Officer to whom deli-
ver'd to receive such Vagrant and sign Receipt, and apply to Justice of Peace of his Precinct, who
shall cause the Rogue or Vagabond to be strip'd and openly whip'd, or sent to House of Correction,
for hard Labour, for Two or Three Days, and afterwards convey'd with the former Pass, and a new
Certificate in like Form, and so to be done from one County or Precinct to another, till brought to
the Place first order'd to be sent.

11. No Constable oblig'd to receive any Person by such Pass, unless it appear by the Pass, that
such Person was whip'd or sent to the House of Correction in the County, City, Etc. thro' which
last pass'd (expect Women great with Child, Soldiers wanting Subsistence, having lawful Certificates
from their Officers or Secretary at War, or such Persons as the Justices shall judge not able to under-
go such Punishment) which shall be certified in the Pass.

12. Justices in their Quarter-Sessions to limit, appoint and direct, what Rates or Allowances per
Mile, or otherwise, for passing and maintaining Vagrants, and make Rules and Orders for the more
regular Proceeding in their respective Limits, which Rates are to be observ'd by all other Justices in
the same Limits.

13. In Quarter-Sessions, Justices may cause Monies, as for County-Goals and Bridges, to the rals'd,
for passing and conveying, or maintaining Rogues and Vagabonds as shall be necessary, to be paid to
the chief Constable of each Division, in such Manner that he may have a Quarterly-Payment before-
hand, who shall account for the same to the Treasurer or Treasurers of their respective County, Ci-
ty, Etc. Twice a Year, or oftner.

14. Petty Constable bringing to Chief Constable such Certificate as aforesaid, with the Receipt
from the Constable or other Officer, to whom the Persons so to be convey'd, were deliver'd, and not
otherwise, the Chief Constable shall and may pay such Petty Constable the Allowances ascertain'd in
such Certificate, and no more, taking the said Certificate and his Receipt, which Certificate and
Receipt is to be allow'd the Chief Constable in Discount, on his Account, with the Treasurer.

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