Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

April 1697

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[..] Regis to ye Cort Middx apnd
[..] prd. about die Martis [..]

Middx ss

Ad genal [..] paris Dui Regis & due Regine [..] Etc.
Hicks Hall in St John Street in [..]
[..] that the his matter of the appeale conceing the [..]
[..] female instant within menconed

It is ordered by the Court that the Court or the [..]
lefull settlemt. of the [..] that the Churchwardens [..]
be fully hoard & determined by this [..] or [..]
Clock to the forenoone third that the Churchwardens [..]
poor of the parish of St Andrew Holborne about Beard of the County [..]
other parties concned doe then about this Court to been & abide the lady [..]
determinacon of this Court touching the 16 and April

P Cur [..]

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