Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

28th October 1789 - 5th December 1795

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Image 287 of 49621st February 1793

February 1793.

to me for His Majestys information a state of their respective Cases, together
with your Opinion how far they may be Objects deserving his Majestys meroy

I am
Your most Obedient humble Servant.
Henry Dundas< no role > .

William Mainwaring< no role > Esqr.

These are to Certify that the following is a true statement and
Account of the state of Health of the undermentioned Prisoners in Clerkenwell
Bridewell Convicted on the Lottery Act.

William Dowker< no role > has had a most severe and dangerous attack
of a Fever now and for some time past prevalent in Clerkenwell Bridewell of
which some of the Prisoners have died and among the rest Three Lottery Fines.
Dowker is now in a very debilitated state not being able to leave his Bed.
and in a great measure deprived of the use of his Limits, through the length
and severity of his indisposition: His recovery is hoped for, but even now
doubtful, but should a relapse take place, (which with the Prisoners who have
had the Fever, has been the cause in most instances) it is more than probable
he will die.

William Rawlins< no role > , This very young Man< no role > acted as Clerk to one
Wilson, one of the Lottery Fines, for whom a Discharge was lately obtained
in consideration of his being in bad health, and having a Family entirely
dependant on him: Rawlins was to have been discharged on condition of his
going on board a Kings Ship but has not been able to succeed in his
Application to get a Caption who will take him, he now lies in a most
truly deplorable situation in the Sick Ward in a very bad Fever, being by
much the most dangerously ill of any of the Sick Prisoners, delirious and
insensible without Money & Friends, destitute of every comfort, expect such
things as are allowed by the Apothecary attending the Prison; his life despaired
of until this day when he shewed some very fount signs of convalescence or to
speak more properly is not worse than yesterday, his recovery exceedingly
doubtful, and if he should be convalescent a Relapse will certainly Kill him.

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