Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

28th October 1789 - 5th December 1795

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January 1791

An Account of the Names of the Offenders who have been Convicted
at the several Sessions of Delivery of the Gaol of Newgate holden for the County of
Middlesex at Justice Hall in the Old Bailey within the Suburbs of the City of
London and also at the several Sessions of the Peace holden in and for the
County aforesaid and ordered by the Court at the respective Sessions to be
Transported beyond the Seas and which said Offenders were thereupon confined
in the said Goal of Newgate under the Custody of Richard Akerman< no role > the Keeper
thereof and were afterwards removed from the said Gaol by an Order in Writing
notified by one of His Majestys Principal Secretaries of State and conveyed by the
said Richard Akerman< no role > This name instance is in set 4413. on board the Ship Douglas in the River Thames and
delivered by him to James Bradley< no role > the Overseer of the Convicts on board the
Dunkirk Hull< no role > at Plymouth in pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in
the Twenty fourth Year of his present Majesty's Reign intituled " An Act for the
effectual Transportation of Felons and other Offenders and to authorize the
Removal of Prisoners in certain cases and for other purposes therein mentioned
on the several days following as appears by certain Receipts in Writing under
the hand of the said James Bradley< no role > Vizt.

19th. December 1789
1 John Simmons< no role >
2 Thomas Low< no role >
3 William Fossett< no role >
4 John Earle< no role >
5 George Wallace< no role >
6 Daniel Brian< no role >
7 Thomas Wood< no role >
8 Thomas Johnson< no role >
9 George Lovell< no role > alias Gipsey George
10 James Shirley< no role >
11 Charles Berkeley< no role >
12 James Belbin< no role >
13 Robert Fossett< no role >
14 Thomas Holyoak< no role > .
15 Samuel Crofts< no role >
16 Robert Cox< no role >
17 William Caddick< no role >
18 Thomas Ward< no role >
19 William Charlton< no role > als Charrington< no role >
20 Thomas Ranson< no role >

21st. December 1789.
21 Jacob Belfert< no role >
22 William Strickland< no role >
23 Francis Bunting< no role >
24 John Martin< no role >
25 Partick Flannagan< no role >
26 Richard Haines< no role >
27 Thomas Huckles< no role >
28 Francis Cooke< no role >
29 James King< no role >
30 Thomas Evatt< no role >
31 George Bellow< no role >
32 William Garment< no role >
33 John Holdway< no role >
34 William Nicholas< no role >
35 William Scott< no role >
36 Jacob Bradley< no role > delivered by the name of
John Brady< no role >
37 Richard Roberts< no role >
38 James Firey< no role >
39 John King< no role >

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