City of London Sessions:
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29th October 1767 - 18th February 1771

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To the Right Honble William Beckford< no role > Esqr
Lord Mayor of the City of London and the Worshipful the Aldermen his
Brethren his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for she said City of London
as their General Quarter session of the peace assembled

The humble Petition of the Journeymen Taylor whose named are
hereunto subscribed on behalf of themselves and the Rest of the Journeymen Taylors working
the City of London and within five Miles thereof


That by an Act of Parliament made in the Eighth Year of his present Majesty's Reign
it is Enacted That from the Twenty fifth day of March One thousand seven hundred and sixty eight the House
of Work in the Day for Servants or Jounerymen to be unplayed in the Business of a Taylor within the City of London
and five Miles thereof shall be from six of the clock in the morning until seven of the Clock in the Evening with
an Interval of one hour only for Refreshment and that there should be paid to every such Journeymen to be
employed as aforesaid for his Work during the Hours aforesaid any Sum not exceeding 217 2 per Diem
except in the Case of a General mourning

That it is by the said Act also further Enactredand declared that if any master Taylor shall pay any more or
greater Wages than as aforesaid except in Case of a General mourning as aforesaid) or if any Journeymen shall lake
or receive any more or greater Wages than as aforesaid he shall be committed to the House of Correction for a Time
in such Act limitted.

That it is by such Act further declared and Enacted that it shall be lawful for the Lord Mayor Aldermen
and Recorder of the City of London for the time being at their General Quarter Sessions or General Sessions of the Peace
and they are thereby authorized and required from time to time upon Application being made to them for that purpose
to alter Regulate Order and Appoint the Wager and Allowances to be paid or made to Journeymen Taylor and servant
retained or employed or to be retained or employed in the Art or Mistery of a Taylor within the Limits aforesaid

That your Petitioners have hitherto endeavoured to subsist of the Wages as now established by Law
but from the Hardness of the times and the went of Constant Employment they find it impossible support
themselves and Families thereby

That by far the greatest number of your petitioners are not on an Average employed more than Eight

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