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19th October 1786 - 21st December 1787

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Image 712 of 7747th November 1787

Middlesex to wit

The Information of Rowland Allen< no role >
of Crass Land Long were Salesmans
William Garmmon< no role > of same place
Baker and John Mullins< no role > of same
Place Labourer taken before me
this 7th day of November 1787

Who being upon Oath severally say and first the
said Rowland Allen< no role > for himself says that about
Seven o'Clock the Evening the Windows of his Shop in
Cross land aforesaid were broke by some person on
Persons and a quantity of Shoes were taken away
And this Informant further says that the four
Show now Produced by said William Gammon< no role > are
his Property and were stolen out of his Window at
that time And the said William Gammon< no role > for
himself Says that about seven o'Clock this Evening
as he was in Cress Lane aforesaid the said John Mullin< no role >
came to him and told him that a person and
Pointing to him (was just gone from said Allen's shop) [..] Window
that he pursued and apprehended him and that he
found tha four Shoes now produced by him this
Informant in his basom And this Informant further
Says that the person now present who calls himself
Robert Steel< no role > in the same person he apprehended
and found the Shoes upon as aforesaid and that
when he asked said Steel now he came by them
he said he found them And the said John
< no role > for himself says that between six
and seven o'Clock this Evening he observed said Steel loitering
about said Allens Shop that seeing said Steel take
his Hand from the Window of said Allen's Shop he

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