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Middlesex to wit.

The Information of Mary Ann Hardcastle< no role > , Mary
< no role > Thomas Webb< no role > and Patrick Mc Manus< no role >
taken before me this 9th. day of Decemr. 1783.

Who being on Oath say and first the said Mary Ann Hardcastle< no role >
for herself says that a Quantity of Wearing Apparell and Box
now produced are her property And the said Mary Cartwright< no role >
says that after the said Wearing Apparell was packed up in
said Box on Friday last was sevenight, this Informant put
a Direction on it of a "Robt Gosting< no role > Esqr, Lincolns Inn Fields"
and saw it delivered into the care of the said Thomas Webb< no role > ,
in order to come by his Waggon to London. And the said
Thomas Webb< no role > says that the said Box, and a large Trunk,
were stolen out of his Waggon near the end of Park Lane
the same Evening about 6 o'Clock. And the said Patrick
Mc. Manus says that on Saturday last he searched the
House of a Person now present who calls himself John Field< no role >
in Park Lane , in which House he found the Box and all
the Articles now produced except the Muslin Apron & Locket
now produced; and in which House he found William Hall< no role >
now present who told this Informant that he found the Box
in Park Lane and brough it into said Fields house. on
the said Friday Evening.

Sworn before me this
9th,, day of Decemr,, 1783.}

W Addington< no role >

Mary Ann Hardcastle< no role >
Mary Carherigle< no role >
Thomas Nell< no role > .

Patrick Winance< no role >

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