Middlesex Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

1st September 1747 - 13th June 1803

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Informations of Witnesses severally taken and acknowledged on the behalf of our Sovereign
Lord the King touching the Death of Ann Rose< no role > and her New born Male Child at the Dwelling House
of Elizabeth Polly< no role > widow known by the Sign of the Bakers Arms White Cross Street in the
Parish of Saint Luke in the County of Middlesex on Saturday the 15 day of April in the
26 Year of the Reign of King George the third before me Thomas Phillips< no role > Esquire
One of his Majestys Coroners for the said County, on an Inquisition then there taken on View
of the Bodys of the said Ann Rose< no role > and her Male Child then and there lying Dead as
follows Vizt.

Sarah Robinson< no role > of Cowheel Alley no. 2. White Cross Street upon her Oath Saith That Lodged with the
Deceased in the same Room, that on Sunday morning last the the. 9th. Inst. the deced Ann Rose< no role > (who lived with
one Richard Lewis< no role > as his reputed Wife) came home with the said Lewis (the said Ann Rose< no role > being at that time
about 6 Months gone with Child) and Frances Lewis< no role > Sister of the said Richard Lewis< no role > came crying up the
Alley and called Dick Lewis, upon which Deponent opened the Room Door and let her in, and upon her
Coming into the Room some Beer was fetched by Dick Lewis< no role > , and some Conversation ensued between the
Deced and Frances Lewis< no role > about a Son of the said Frances who was at Sea, and whom she said was
Dead, upon which Ann Rose< no role > appeared very sorry, and said if he was not dead he would cornstoker &
his Uncle sooner then he would to his Mother as she had not ailed the part of a Mother to him, upon which
Frances Lewis< no role > Called her Where, and much ill Language passed between them, and Ann Rose< no role > Standing
by the Fire Frances Lewis< no role > went and pushed her and Ann Rose< no role > then came up to Frances Lewis< no role > and dared her to
Strike and gave Frances Lewis< no role > a Slap on the face, and said the other must not Strike her again as She was
with Child, upon which a Violent Scuffle ensued between them, and Frances Lewis< no role > hold Ann Rose< no role > [..]
fast she could not Strike her again, Frances Lewis< no role > gave Ann Rose< no role > two Slaps on the Face and Ann Rose< no role >
was flung down upon the Floor in the Scuffle Dick Lewis helped her up, and she Struck the other, who
again held down her hands, and Ann Rose< no role > being in a great Passion was more forfighting then
Frances Lewis< no role > , who nevertheless said that if Ann Rose< no role > was not in the Condition she was and did not
belong to her Brother she would lay her for Dead, And which she said, after they had done fighting
which was of their own Accord, afterward, the Deced and Frances Lewis< no role > went out together to
Frances Lewis< no role > 's Lodgings in Old Street and Seemed good Friends again, and both returned
again about Seven or Eight o Clock in the Morning, the Deced seemed ill and Complained of her
Back and her Belly and continued ill all day and at nights went to bed and
Continued in Bed till Tuesday morning when she was delivered of a Male Child and on
Thursday morning She died, and Saith that during the time she lay ill she said the
hurts she had received were owing to her being knocked down by Frances Lewis< no role > and said
that Something was broke within her, and Saith that the said Male Child was born alive and
lived three Hours, Saith that during the Squable on Sunday morning the Deced in her passion
Struck Dick Lewis with a Poker and then kid the poker upon which he got a Stick with
intention to Strike her but Deponent for prevented him and said She thought the Deced had
beating enough by his Sister, and to prevent any further Mischief broke the Stick, upon which he got
another and would have hit Deponent with it but she got it away from him and broke that also
and afterwards he told her he was glad she prevented him from beating the Deced

the mark of
Sarah Robinson< no role >

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