St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Letters to Parish Officials Seeking Pauper Relief

1758 - 1759

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Image 21 of 2217th October 1758

mrs parker I hop that you will not talk it a mis of me
for derecting this letter to you I have Sent mange
letters to the Church warden but I Could not the have
me enser the wood Send me ency money on this but
I had afrind as did go to my friends and got me little
relif for I was in esed destres att that time I out
I thank god I am got a lite letter in my Codyley
helleth but I have no [..] in my erem so if you
will be so good as to let the gentle men see this
letter and if they [..] be so good as to lett
me have fiftty Shillings to boy me Sume
Clos I will not trulell them sney mor If
ples god I Can Stand upon my ueges for
I have plas in a potye Carge Shop to Sit in
the Shop and to keep company with some
genttell wooman that all disabled as
well as my Selef and will too my indener
to make my seller [..] of the gentleman [..]
men thinks proper to send me a nanser for
I must either Coe sent If [..] or I must have [..]
relif hier for I have no money nor Close [..]
nobody ye as will give me [..] now I will
[..] you a letter resett [..] you serd the money
derelett for in att [..] three tunes near [..]
relief in [..] no mor [..]
pensor Catherine Johns< no role > This name instance is in set 3773. Shop [..]
anns the trust [..]

february [..]

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