St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Letters to Parish Officials Seeking Pauper Relief

1758 - 1759

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Image 19 of 2217th October 1758

gentlemen of the parch I gave my slef the
fribell to wit to you upon the Count of Catherine
< no role > This name instance is in set 3773. your pensoner you Said in your letter
that you had taken her Case in to Conse
de reason but you did forget the pour
Crettor I deer See that you have not forget to fed
your one Juget Sis and it is as lofull for you
talk as much Car of heer as your Slefs [..] an
that you find at last for I am not bound
to give my Supstans to Save your
parish for I am but could Servant
of her fathers but I am Sory to See
heer in Such a poor Condison Shee
has three half in her arme Shee not
abbell to do anney think for her Self
old have been Courat up before now by the
ofsers of this parish but She has got
Sum breck in out silk the ich her
prins did give her Sum [..] Small relef Cout
they will not give her enney [..] more So
if you doe think proper to Send her
there grines I will keep her noon a
your no mor form me mercy Williams< no role >

gentleman I desir that you Will not be angrey att me
for sending to you so of un it is becos that So urgent
ful as to Send me relift your parish will be
put into Six pound Parish in bringing of me
up and when I Come I be mentioned it is it
asiding a wilk as will keep one for I must
have near to look after me I will not before
Ch afull as I was before you took Car that I Should
not leet you I will [..] tack Ceer that Shall
[..] Cutt me pray let us know what I must
[..] the friestt postt I have been before the
officers to mack my of yedesaid the do les
in to ple hell with your parish derect
for me att the Swear in as rebay [..]
October ye 1759 Salop

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