St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens' Vouchers/Receipts

28th March 1683 - 15th October 1729

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Image 122 of 83524th January 1712

St Tho: Hospitall Janr 24: 1711


One Elizab: Richardson< no role > was admitted into this House by
the Governors at your Request, she has indeed been now his to dye
then live till in this this weeke, so that t was 40 to 1 that you had
not had this trouble; but being now upon ye Recovery in compassion
to the great necessity she is in, I must fore my Selfe to be a
petitionr on her behalf & that you will please to let here have on
Shifte an apron a P shooey & a hankerchiffe to put about her
neck; these things she is guite destitute of, & unless she can be kept.
warne we shall not be able to Cure her; we will doe the best we
can for her Cure but as others, that we cannot give one patients,
she seemes to be an object of Compassion & as Suit I take this
freedom; she is in Elizabeth Warde; & Jan

Yr Humble Servant
James Stancliffe< no role > Steward

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