St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Image 71 of 61717th April 1718

Church Wardens
Brown & Newton

Then Mr. Brown, Mr. Newton and Mr. Lokenx were nominated and
put up for Church wardens whereupon Mr. Brown and Mr. Newton
were Chosen

Order'd that Mr. Depty:
Hankey be repaid
all Money's not
Exceeding £50.

Upon Mr. Browns representing to this Vestry that it will
be a great prjudice to him to advance money to pay the poor and
Mr. Depty Hankeys promise thereupon to advance Fifty pounds
towards paying the poor untill Such time as many should be
collected for the doing thereof It is ordered that the said Mr
Hankey be repaid all such moneys as he Shall advance
to the said Mr. Brown towards paying the poor as shall not
amount to above the sume of fifty pounds out of the
moneys as shall be Assessed and collected for the Use [..] of
the poor and that this parish be Surety to the said Mr
Hankey for such his advancemt.

Mr. Tirrell< no role > , Mr. Barker< no role >
& othrs. having Serv'd
Church Wardens or any
five to Audite Mr.
Walford's Accts.

At this Vestry It is referred to Mr. Tirrell< no role > Mr. Barker and< no role >
such other of the parishioners that have served as Church
wardens of this parish or any Five of them to Auditte the accots.
of Mr. Francis Walford< no role > Church Warden within One Month
after the date hereof

Mr. Hutchins< no role > , request
for a Further Terme
of Year's to be added
to his Prsent Lease.

At this Vestry appeared Mr. Hutchins and requested of the
sameto add a further Terme of forty one Years of the prsent
Lease [..] he now rents of this Parish to the Terme of
twelve Years to terne of the Lease he now hath of the 3d Surity
and thereupon proposed to pay sixty pounds as a fine for such
further grant But the same was referred to another
meeting of this Vestry and in the mean time desired
the sd Mr. Hutchins< no role > to consider of his proposalls.

Mr. Brown
Mr. Newton
Mr Depty Hankey
Mr Ingram

At A Meeting held on St Stephens day 1718
This Meeting was Sumon'd for the distribucon of Thirty shillings being
the interest of Thirty pounds left to the poor of this parish by Dr. Tyson
decease wch. was distributed as followeth

To Coats£0..2s..6d

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